Rumor Mill: Fallout New Vegas 2 or Something Else? (Updated)

Could we see a re-emergence of Fallout Van Buren?

The internet is full of plenty of rumors and speculation. But, when someone prominent makes a hint, it’s really easy to get attached to an idea. Chris Avellone, a former designer at Interplay, Obsidian Entertainment, and Black Isle Studios, made a very strong hint on his Facebook that something Fallout-related may be incoming.

Avellone, Lead Designer on the cancelled Fallout: Van Buren game and contributor to Fallout 2, is no stranger to the franchise. Additionally, he was part of the teams that have worked on Wasteland 2. He also was the co-founder of Obsidian Entertainment. Obsidian famously made several games. These include Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II and South Park: The Stick of Truth, and (more relevant here) Fallout: New Vegas. He took the Senior Designer role for New Vegas.

Whereas it could be nothing, he changed his profile picture on Facebook to a simple line drawing of Vault Boy being hugged by a stick figure, along with the words “I missed you so much”.

The Rumor Mill is a churnin’

Since the development of Fallout: New Vegas in 2010, rumors have surfaced of a sequel. This game that could use same engine as Fallout 4, in rumors. Additional rumors focus on a brand new game set in a different place than New Vegas (the area formerly known as Nevada). As a theme, it could include California or other neighboring US states near Nevada. A return to Interplay roots could bring Black Isle Studios’ cancelled Fallout 3 game, codenamed Van Buren, into light. Van Buren was reportedly going to take place across the American southwest. This included Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Utah. This could lead to an isometric game like Fallout of old or it could be a first-person style akin to the more recent games.

Just remember, kids: This is all speculation. This could just be a prominent developer trolling fans. Or. maybe, it could mean something big for those that want to return to the wastes. Whatever it is, we sure hope it’s something SPECIAL.

Update: Avellone Made A New Picture

So, after further research, I’ve found out that Chris made the original picture about two years earlier. He does little doodles on his Facebook and Twitter and the stick figure generally is a stand in for himself. Him updating his Facebook with that image was curious enough, but with the media coverage, he stepped it up. He made a new picture and made it his primary Facebook image. This time, it’s a forth wall breaking image with him as the stick figure and Vault Boy looking at the camera, saying “There it is again… That sense of being watched.” See it below.

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