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Still Not Dead title

Still Not Dead Preview

Still not dead. Technically, still not ready!   Still Not Dead. It’s perhaps the most inaccurate title for a game, ever. Because you are doing to die in this game. A lot. But don’t stress it: dying is just a natural part of the process, and everytime you die,…

Rocksteady’s Next Game To Make Fans “Lose Their Minds”

Uh…I guess this rules out another Batman game? Been wondering what Rocksteady Studios has been up to since last year’s Batman: Arkham VR? You and everyone else. But that’s not stopping them from hyping up their fans. Gaz Deaves, the studio’s Marketing Game Manager, took to Twitter to throw…
plague inc

Plague Inc. Reaches 100 Million Players

That’s a lot of infections. It’s official: five years after its release, the real-time strategy game Plague Inc. has reached 100 million players. Publisher and developer Ndemic Creations released the following graphic to celebrate this milestone: First released on mobile devices before making the jump to PC, PS4 and…

Splatoon 2’s 3rd EU Splatfest To Focus On Toilet Rolls

Should they hang from the front or behind? Splatoon and toilet paper? It’s true: Nintendo of Europe has announced the latest Splatfest for the region, and it’s about to settle the age-old question… That’s right: the Inklings will battle over which way to hang toilet rolls! Should they hang…
fire emblem warriors dlc

Nintendo Dream: Ike and Roy Won’t Be Fire Emblem Warriors DLC

Looks like our worst fears came true. Sadly, it looks like the Fire Emblem Warriors DLC will probably be focusing on its three initial games (Awakening, Fates and Shadow Dragon) after all. According to a Source Gaming translation, an interview with the Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream said not to…

Oriental Empires Review (PC)

Sid Meier’s Civilization, But Made (Well) In China The very first video game I ever played was Sid Meier’s Civilization. I was two years old and definitely couldn’t read yet, but I enjoyed watching the animations of a burgeoning Earth and building my palace, seemingly at random. I certainly…

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