LIGHT TRACER Comes To Playstation VR In September

A “New Kind” of VR Puzzle Platformer comes to PS VR

light tracer ps vr

Oasis Games Ltd announced that their game LIGHT TRACER is coming out to the west this September. LIGHT TRACER is a puzzle-platform VR game exclusively for the Playstation VR. In the game, players control a princess around a spiral-based platform.

According to their press release:

LIGHT TRACER combines platform-style movement and clever puzzles with unique play mechanics and delightful artwork. In the game, the player controls a mysterious godlike entity who can wield a magical Light Staff in one hand while using its other hand to interact with the game world, helping the Princess reach the safety of the tower’s pinnacle. The Light Staff guides the Princess forward while the player manipulates the world to get a better view, interacts with object triggers and moves items to turn barriers into bridges. As the player progresses, the entity’s hidden relationship with the princess is gradually revealed.”

As with every puzzle platformer here, the developer promises this one to be a “new kind”. Puzzles depend on the player’s point of view. This means that VR is utilized to spin the tower to figure out new angles, similar to the indie game, Fez.

In the game, you wield a Light Staff as a “god”. This gives the ability to direct the princess around the spiral platforms from afar. On the other hand (literally), players raise platforms and help her along the path to get to the top.

Oasis Games’ line-up have been a hit or a miss over the years, with titles like Naruto Online and Glory Ridge. But, this one definitely looks like a solid VR title to add to the growing lineup on PSVR.

No release date is officially set, but the trailer and press release say it’ll be September. It will release exclusively for Playstation VR.

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