Do You Want Mulan Szechuan Sauce? One Rick and Morty Giveaway Winner Is Selling His! (Update: More has happened! Deadmau5 Involved?)

“Nine more seasons” of Rick and Morty came quick to four lucky people.

rick and morty szechuan

Every so often, television shows really shine above the rest. Rick and Morty is no exception to this, with referential and adult humor mixed into intelligent, deep thought. They can say and do anything and people eat it up, sometimes literally now. Enter: McDonald’s Mulan Szechuan Sauce.

During April Fools Day, we were treated to a surprise airing of the first episode of season 3, The Rickshank Redemption (Spoilers To Season 3 Be Here). This episode had Rick being brought into his own mind by the Galactic Federation to pull his secrets out. This led to him stopping at McDonald’s (in his mind) during a scene set in 1998, ordering some food. This included Szechuan sauce that was only available during a promotion that McDonald’s and Disney had when the movie Mulan came out. By the end of the episode, Rick escaped his prison, took down the Galactic Federation, and was living with his family. His led to an end-of-episode rant at Morty where he talks about being on a hunt for “Mulan McNugget sauce”, even if it takes “9 more seasons” and “97 years”.

Sometimes, when you yell loud enough, people listen.

Fans of the show rallied. Petitions were signed, but things stayed silent for months. Adult Swim finally announced season 3’s official premiere date. This would give fans a re-showing of the first episode, as well as the first showing of the second episode. But, that wasn’t all. On July 30th, McDonald’s sent a Pelican case labeled Dimension C-1998M to Justin Roiland (Rick and Morty’s co-creator). He showed it off earlier in the day, just hours prior to the show premiere. Opening the case, Justin showed off a half-gallon (4 LB, 64 Oz.) bottle of newly minted McDonald’s Szechuan sauce and a laminated note inside. The note explained that C-1998M is “a dimension where it’s always 1998”. They claimed had gotten their hands on enough to share with a few lucky fans as well. This note came from McDonald’s own Chef Mike.

In a countdown to the new episode, McDonald’s official PSCP channel made its way from 1998 to 2017. This happened in a very low-budget fashion, slowly over the evening. But, they promised that three lucky people would get their hands on sauce as well by re-tweeting the event. These three people were informed of their winning via direct message, with an announcement publicly the next day. They have since received their sauce at this point, also getting a labeled Pelican case for show.

One Lucky Winner Has Decided to Relinquish His Gold

rick and morty szechuan

Robert Workman (@TheDCD), a journalist at’s gaming site, WWG), was one of the winners. He polled online what he should do with his newly acquired sauce. Answers were all over the board, from having a nugget party to selling it. Some people even said he should bathe in it, even though it’s only half of a gallon. Original dipping sauce packets of Szechuan from 1998 have fetched up to $14,000 on their own because collectors of McDonald’s memorabilia are insane. In the end, he took the best possible route for himself and decided to sell it via auction on eBay.

He made a public statement on his Facebook about his terms. This included being completely transparent about where the money is going. A friend of his set up an eBay listing for the unopened sauce (complete with the case), starting the sauce at $99.99, with a reserve of $3100. “Yes, some of it will be used to pay off bills and right the ship for myself”, he explained on his Facebook. “But this is also a prime opportunity to donate some money to charities like Extra Life and Ablegamers, and whoever else I can think of that’s worthy of donations.”

You don’t need a portal gun to get your hands on the sauce.

Additionally, he decided to talk about McDonald’s in the same post. “I hold McDonald’s and Chef Mike in the highest respect,” he announced. “I really do. Mike has done an amazing job bringing this back for some lucky people to enjoy and I will do everything in my power to assure that it’s in the hands of someone that will truly enjoy it with a party of people, instead of just letting it rot away on a shelf for all to see. The point of this sauce is for people to enjoy it – not necessarily me, but whoever ends up with it. No matter what amount it ends up at, I hope it ends up in the hands of someone that will thoroughly enjoy it.”

As of writing, the current bid price hit the reserve price and is at $3100.00, with just under 4 days remaining. Robert hopes for at least $5000. First person to hit $3100 starts the real game of who will own the first McDonald’s Szechuan sauce in nearly 20 years. I caught up with Robert and he gave his final thoughts on the whole ordeal. “I’m just trying to do some good here,” he said. “Sure, I’ll right myself in the process, but I’ll be able to help out some good folks as well. On top of that, someone is going to be VERY happy with the sauce.”

If you, like Rick Sanchez, feel the need to get your hands on some of that sauce, you don’t have to wait 97 years. Bid on the eBay and get a sweet collectible case as well out of it, or wait until the inevitable (but not announced) return of the sauce in stores, now that the recipe has been dusted off by Chef Mike.

Writer’s Update

The eBay listing has finally finished at a whopping $15,300.00. That is only $600 more than the single pack of that plum sauce sold back in April. But, the buyer of that one sauce had no idea that only a little more money would have gotten them a half of a gallon just months later. Wubba lubba dub dub, indeed.

Writer’s Update 2

In a story that just keeps on giving, the eBay buyer went completely off the radar and never forked over the cash. Robert put in a claim, but it’s looking like the sale was a dud. On the upside, famous dubstep artist Deadmau5 is happy to negotiate and buy the sauce.


Silver lining, yadda yadda. I hope he drinks it from the bottle during one of his performances.

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