Kingdom Hearts 3’s Tetsuya Nomura on Toy Story, Switch Port and Playable Characters

Just how much is in this one game?
kingdom hearts 3

Following the Toy Story world debut for Kingdom Hearts 3, series director Tetsuya Nomura elaborated not just on their first crossover with Pixar, but commented on the possibility of a Switch port, returning features such as the magic system and the Gummi Ship, quality over quantity regarding the Disney worlds, and even a second playable character!

First and foremost, Nomura and Game Informer discussed the collaboration on Pixar for the Toy Story segment, revealing the CGI studio asked for an original story within the Toy Story universe. Taking place after Toy Story 2, Sora, Woody and the gang will look for Andy in a new locale: Galaxy Toys, where members of the nefarious Organization XIII have been spotted. Emphasizing hugeness, the multi-level toy store will feature optional mechs–Gigas–to ride in, which Nomura pinpointed to showcase nothing is impossible with the current engine.

However, he mentioned this is why they won’t have “multiple little worlds” for players to breeze through, as the rich content within each world allow players to take their time and soak in the experience. While this doesn’t necessarily mean a low world count, you may want to scale back expectations on, say, having a world count the size of Kingdom Hearts 2.

kingdom hearts 3

Meanwhile, Nomura talked to IGN on multiple returning features, albeit to varying extents. For example, much like in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, magic will be upgraded to another level this time, with “Blizzaza” cited as a new example. The Gummi Ship shoot-’em-up sections will return as well, but Nomura prefers keeping their exact specifics a secret for now.

However, he did reveal the existence of another playable character! Sadly, this identity is also a secret, but Nomura did discuss how more than three party members can participate in battle this time, as seen yesterday with Woody and Buzz fighting alongside Sora’s trio.

Finally, Nomura discussed the possibility of a Switch port for Kingdom Hearts 3.  While he admits it’s a possibility, he’s refraining from considering it until the PS4/Xbox One versions are finished, as he wants to focus on finishing the game for their initial platforms.

What do you make of all this Kingdom Hearts 3 info? Let us know in the comments below!

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