Warframe Introduces Open-World Landscape ‘Plains of Eidolon’

Take flight across the skies of Warframe’s Plains of Eidolon.


Warframe will have an entirely new way to play with Plains of Eidolon, described by developer Digital Extremes as “Warframe’s most ambitious expansion since its 2013 debut”. Plains of Eidolon will give players the freedom to explore a massive open world, take on dangerous sidequests, or battle with enemy encampments. Players will even be able to relax and fish using recently-added spear weapons, “because what is an open-world game without fishing?” asks Community Producer Rebecca Ford.

Ostrons, scavengers who harvest biomechanical tissue from ancient Orokin Towers, inhabit a bustling town in the Plains of Eidolon. These civilians have been deeply affected by the wars of the Corpus and the Grineer, oppressive enemy factions who vie for control of the solar system. Interacting with these characters will offer the unique opportunity to unmask the faceless masses that players have saved time and time again.

Plains of Eidolon represents a tangible leap in scope for Warframe. Procedurally generated maps have limited players to cramped hallways and treacherous cliffsides. Even as their tilesets have grown in diversity—overgrown forests, frozen wastelands, and stormy shipyards among them—their sheer size has remained static. Plains of Eidolon is a unique chance for Warframe to outgrow its limitations. Players will point towards a looming structure in the distance and say, “I want to go there.” Until now, those distant landscapes have been unreachable.

Plains of Eidolon was announced at TennoCon 2017, Digital Extremes’ annual convention to celebrate all things Warframe. There, Digital Extremes also teased the shadow-twisted Umbra Warframes, corrupted versions of the original frames. The first among them, the scarf-wearing Umbra Excalibur, was released in China as part of their Founder’s Pack in May, 2015. The rest of the world has waited more than two years for the night-dwelling hero to see the light of day.

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