Monthly Archives: June 2017

Arizona Sunshine Launches On PlayStation VR Tomorrow

It’s Too Bright Out Here   Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive have announced that Arizona Sunshine, the award-winning and popular zombie virtual reality FPS, will be available for purchase for Playstation VR tomorrow via the PlayStation Store. Previously, Arizona Sunshine was only available on PC when it went on…

Interview with Pat the NES Punk (Pat Contri)

Pat Contri Invites Us to his Too Many Games Booth for an Interview   In the midst of the hustle and bustle that was the Too Many Games convention, this year I was able to force my way past several of Pat the NES Punk’s devoted fans to get…

God Wars: Future Past Review (PS4)

 A JRPG stuck in the past. God Wars: Future Past has all the makings of what should constitute for a “Nathaniel” game. It’s a tactical RPG that has an interesting setting based on Japanese folklore. It also has an art style that turns all those mythological figures into cute anime…

Original Journey Ventures Toward Console

Embark on an original journey from the comfort of your own TV Developer Another Indie has announced that their sci-fi action adventure title Original Journey will be making its console debut early next year. Original Journey sends players to the dangerous Planet Shadow, where they will embark on a quest…

E3 Preview: Raiders of the Broken Planet – A Community-crafted Space Western

Developer MercurySteam’s Most Ambitious Project Yet   Have you ever been playing a game and thought to yourself, “Damn, this could be so much better”? Of course you have! No matter how well polished or constructed a game is, we gamers still manage to think that, somehow, we could…
little witch academia ps4

Little Witch Academia PS4 Game Launches in Japan 11/30; Comes With Limited Edition

Will this school of cuties make it to America? The popular Little Witch Academia anime was recently announced to receive a PlayStation 4 adaption, and word has just come out for its Japanese release date: November 30th this year. This news arrives from the game’s commercial, which shows off…

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