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In space, no one can hear you die over and over again. It’s hard to come up with anything that EVERSPACE really does wrong. It’s an absolutely gorgeous shooter with a great soundtrack that manages to breathe life into not one, but two extremely stale genres – space sims…

Devolver Announces Charming Indie RPG ‘The Swords of Ditto’

Devolver Digital pulls back the curtain on The Swords of Ditto, game to be showcased at E3 2017’s Indie Picnic Publisher Devolver Digital today announced plans to release The Swords of Ditto, a bite-sized action RPG for the PS4 and PC. Developed by indie studio onbitbeyond, The Swords of…

‘Kickstarter Backer Only’ Friday the 13th: The Game’ DLC Mistakenly Lands On PSN Store

Lucky Day!   Updated 6/6/17 at 8:44 p.m: Sony has removed the Kickstarter Backer-exclusive Tom Savini Jason Voorhees skin from the PSN Store. Whoops! Boy, would we hate to be one of the folks who purchased the content for a few hundred bucks last week!  Below is a tweet…

God Wars Future Past Gets Second Character Trailer

NISA’s latest trailer for God Wars Future Past introduces mythological, folklore, and Tatarigami characters With the release of God Wars Future Past just two weeks away, the game’s publisher NIS America has released a second character trailer detailing even more of the upcoming PS4 SRPG’s cast of characters. The…

Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 Review (PS4)

Heaven or Hell, this game did well I love fighters, but outside of Super Smash Bros. (I’m not here to argue about its “validity as a fighter”, so please don’t start), I’m not terribly great. They’re complex, crazy-competitive, and require a ton of practice. And, since I don’t necessarily have…
nintendo e3 2017

Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event To Be 30 Minutes Long

Will that be enough…? Hot off the heels of today’s Pokémon Direct is some more information regarding Nintendo’s E3 stream: it’ll only be 30 minutes long. The news comes from a Nintendo press release, which states Nintendo’s Treehouse stream will air after the event’s conclusion at 9:30 PST. (To…

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