How To Get The Volatile Spectre In The Surge

Make your first day on the job in The Surge a bit easier with the Volatile Spectre

The Surge Volatile Spectre

Are you taking your first steps in the ruined CREO facility and finding that crusty lead pipe isn’t up to snuff? Are deranged psychos in exoskeletons making life a living hell for you on your first day of the job? Never fear! We at Hey Poor Player will show you how to uncover the Volatile Spectre, one of the most effective weapons that you’ll find early on in The Surge that should make turning hostile drones, maniacs, and even the towering P.A.X. himself a breeze.

High on impact and damage output, this is definitely a tool you’ll want to add to your arsenal early. To get your mitts on this handy killing machine, follow the steps below:

Enter the Power Plant via the Rocket Assembly Station entrance. Once you enter the plant, be sure to dispatch the two grunts on the left. After that’s done, walk to the crates at the rear of the large machinery in the room. Smash them and pick up the pile of rare materials.

After the room is cleared, proceed down the staircase to the left of the machinery into the bowels of the power plant, taking care to collect the goodies behind the crates at the bottom of the landing.

At the bottom of the stairs you’ll enter a darkened room with several patrolling mutants around a pool of shallow water. Take them out one at a time.

If you haven’t turned the power on to get the Maglev system running, now’s the time to do so. Enter the room to the right of where you entered, and make sure to pop a consumable to keep you ready for the fight ahead. You’ll be fighting a new mutant here, who howls and rushes aggressively. Play smart and defensively and you should be able to dispatch him.

When he’s good and dead, activate the power and enter the room with the pool of water again.

Now, the Volatile Spectre is finally within reach.

Enter the pool and follow the catwalk to the right until you reach a staircase descending deeper into the power plant and ride the exo-lift downward.

Take the path to your left and kill the mutant standing in your way. You’ll see a security door to your left that’s inaccessible. Instead, take the path to the right up the incline and beware of the enemies waiting in the shadows from the left and right just ahead. Then, climb the incline to your right. There’s a drone on the path to the left. Put him out of commission and get ready for a real fight.

You’ll hear a worker calling for help ahead. Don’t be fooled. Behind the door is a hulking, hammer-wielding psycho. He can kill you in just a few hits, but he’s slow. Just wait for an opening after he strikes and let him have it. When he’s dead, enter the room he was in and grab the implant inside.

You’re almost there.

Return to the corridor and head to the right, killing the drone and patrolling mutants in the way. Be sure to look out for the mutant playing dead just waiting to ambush you. Then, take the ramp down into the electtified water. Make sure you have a few health injections for the mad dash ahead.

Duck into the first path on the left, then continue until you come to the end of the corridor and cut to the right. Congrats for surviving this far! You’ll find your reward, the Volatile Spectre, at the end of the path.

The Volatile Spectre has a slow windup, but its massive impacts make it a formidable tool for rattling fleshy foes, and its +45% energy gain is nothing to sneeze at.

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