How To Beat P.A.X. In The Surge

Here’s how to bring down The Surge’s first metal behemoth, P.A.X.

The Surge P.A.X. Boss

After restoring power to the maglev system in the Power Plant, you’ll come face to face with P.A.X., the first Big Bad in The Surge.

P.A.X. is a towering, Metal Gear-style mech with a penchant for hurling volleys of missiles and jumping far distances with the help of his rocket boosters. He’s big. He’s bad. And he’s far more powerful than anything you’ve encountered so far at this point in the game.

Note: If you haven’t already, you might want to make sure you grab the Volatile Spectre before facing off against P.A.X. It hits hard, and really helps whittle down this metal monster’s health.

P.A.X. hits hard, and has a wide arsenal of moves at his disposal. He’s a bit of a trial by fire, but taking him on is a great way to hone your dodging abilities. And mastering a solid defense is the only way to make headway in The Surge, as things are only going to get harder from here.

Once you enter P.A.X.’s chamber, rush towards the beast and lock onto one of his two legs. However, don’t get too close, as he has a nasty tendency to perform wide slashes with his bladed arms, which will devastate your health bar. The trick is to quickly close in and, once P.A.X. has been targeted, begin to circle strafe behind him. He’ll try to shake you, so evasive dash to ensure you can land squarely behind him.

When you get into position, P.A.X. will begin stomping his feet. Sometimes he stops once, other times he’ll alternate legs several times. The trick is to keep pummeling his legs fast and hard from behind. While doing this, take care to switch to the leg that’s not raised to avoid foolishly positioning yourself under his giant metal hooves. Sometimes he’ll shake you by using his boosters to leap backwards. Just resume the first step of the fight and resume your offensive and you’ll be fine.

As you strike P.A.X., an orange meter below his health bar will fill. Once the bar reaches its maximum level, P.A.X. will fall to the ground. Now you can move in to inflict some real damage to him. Combos, especially those performed with the Volatile Spectre, do some serious damage when he’s in this staggered state.

During the fight, P.A.X. will announce that he’s taking defensive measures. When he does this, he’ll quickly leap away from your character and unload a salvo of rockets. Getting caught in this storm of explosions can deal some devastating area of effect damage. To avoid this, disengage from him and keep moving to avoid the onslaught. When the barrage stops, quickly try to get behind him to resume your assault on his fragile metallic gams. After bringing P.A.X. to the ground two or three times he should be toast.

Congrats! You’ve toppled the first of many challenging bosses who await in The Surge. Now, claim your loot by taking the P.A.X. Imperator off his battered corpse. With the beast dead and your prize claimed, now you’re finally able to board the train and head to Central Production B.



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