Akiba’s Beat Showcases Gameplay

Learn the ins and outs of the NEET-turned-hero lifestyle

With Akiba’s Beat officially launching today in North America, and the May 19 EU release date just around the corner, publisher PQube has unveiled a plethora of new information regarding the latest Akiba-inspired JRPG. For more information, check out PQube’s official gameplay spotlight list below.


Explore Akihabara


Akiba’s Beat developer, Acquire, are situated right in the heeart of Akihabara and have gone to great pains to recreate the world-famous district of Tokyo.

The sights and sounds of Akihabara are faithfully represented and everyone who has been there will be able to walk the streets of Electric Town and recognize where they are, while those who have not yet been can familiarize themselves with the geek and gaming mecca quite intimately.

Akiba's Beat 1


Investigate and dispel Delusions

The people of Akihabara’s hopes and dreams have been twisted through unknown means and are now manifesting themselves in reality as delusions, warping the world around them to conform to the dreams of its people.

The only way to deal with a delusion is for Asahi and his friends to find out who is having the delusion and confront them with it, opening the door to their Delusionscape, where you will have to defeat a boss enemy to dispel the delusion.

Akiba's Beat 2


Adaptable real-time combat


Combat in AKIBA’S BEAT is a real-time system with attacks and special moves mapped to directional inputs and button presses. Limited only by your characters Action Points (AP), you can create different combos with normal and special attacks. Tailor your playstyle to rely more on physical or elemental attacks, take an aerial approach or focus on area of effect control.

Swap between characters for entirely different abilities and combat styles. It’s up to you!

Akiba's Beat 3


Combat with a musical twist


Once certain criteria are met, you can trigger Imagine Mode, where the characters put on their headphones and listen to music during combat.

Play different songs that you can collect during the course of the game.

Imagine Mode gives you unlimited Action Points and keeping your combo up during the chorus of the chosen song will build your damage multiplier, allowing Asahi to make quick work of most enemies and make quite a dent in tough bosses.

Akiba's Beat 4


Everyone can use a Maid


The Maid System allows non-combat characters to be used both in and out of battle as a fifth member of your group. While they will not enter combat, they will assist you with navigation and by calling out dangers, such as big attacks by bosses or if one of your allies is close to being defeated.

Akiba's Beat 5


Customize your characters


Equip your characters with new skills, weapons, weapon enhancements, clothing and trading cards.

Each character will unlock new skills as they level up and can equip up to eight skills at a time.

Weapons can be upgraded with computer parts in order to strengthen their stats.

Equip clothing accessories to improve stats or even, in some cases, change your look entirely!

Trading cards can be found around Akihabara and can be equipped to grant new abilities, such as halving the SP cost of skills or increasing elemental defense.

Akiba's Beat 6

Akiba’s Beat is available now in North America on PS4 and Vita. The game will be hitting the EU later this week, on May 19. For an even more in-depth look at what Akiba’s Beat has to offer, feel free to check out our official review right here. Will you be hitting the Akiba streets once again? Let us know in the comments below!

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