Culdcept Revolt Teaches System Basics

Culdcept Revolt is a darker and grittier 100% Orange Juice.


Culdcept Revolt updated its official website to include a page for its basic rules and mechanics. The Systems page walks through the goal of each match and the various tiles that crop up on the board. Cards influence the flow of battle. Building your deck is key to victory in any Culdcept match. Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone players must cast aside what they know and take on a revolutionary way of playing card games.

Raising your Total Magic to meet the Magic Goal is key to victory in Culdcept Revolt. By deploying creatures, you can take control of territories that add to your magic pool. Enemies who pass over these spaces must pay a toll (think Monopoly). Success requires taking advantage of the board’s topography and the cards in your hand.

Last month NIS America released new information on characters and gameplay in Culdcept Revolt. A young amnesiac named Allen is rescued by a rebel group called the Free Bats and awakens to the power of a Cepter. He must face the imposing Count Kraniss and his menacing army. Playing through the main storyline will unlock the secrets of Allen’s history.

Culdcept Revolt will release on August 29th in North America and on September 1st in Europe. Will you be joining the revolution? Let us know in the comments below!


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