Nintendo Reveals New Nintendo 2DS XL, Priced at $150

The Nintendo family these days is about one half mascots, one half acronyms.


Like the click of an increasingly-absent 3D slider, Nintendo has suddenly dropped info on their latest, and most likely final, iteration of the 3DS. The New Nintendo 2DS XL takes the trade-off of low price for no 3D started by the 3DS, and combines it with the larger screen size of the 3DS XL, as well as the foldable clamshell design of…well, every DS variant except for the original 2DS.

Nintendo announced the latest system (which by god, I swear looks like an April Fools photoshop from 2010) with a new reveal trailer which dropped just today.

The above is the official US trailer for the new handheld model, which boasts the full monty of New Nintendo 3DS features, including higher processing power and the nub of a C-stick. The system is being priced at $150 in the US, which may make it a shoo-in for those who had not yet cashed in on the higher-tier features of the New Nintendo 3DS. Although this trailer only shows a black/blue version of the system, an official image of a white/gold version has appeared on the Japanese website for the new system.

new nintendo 2DS XL

The New Nintendo 2DS XL will launch in the US for $150 on July 28. Sound off; will you be hopping in on this one? If so, will this be your first time caving in and getting a version of the 3DS, or simply an upgrade of some sort? This comes at the same time as a whole host of rumors about what 3DS games might be getting eventual ports to the Nintendo Switch (looking at you, Pokemon Sun and Moon), so how does this factor in? We’ll be keeping a whole stereoscopic array of eyes on this story as it continues to develop.

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