Dawn of Andromeda Dawns May 4th!

 A New Space Odyssey In the Making?

Dawn of Andromeda

As soon as you start wishing friends and passersby “May the Fourth be with you” don’t forget to head over to Steam and purchase a copy of Dawn of Andromeda! If you can’t wait to get your hands on it, Dawn of Andromeda is currently available in Early Access for $24.99. Developers GreyWolf Entertainment have been hard at work improving this exciting new story in the meantime. These improvements have by and large come from feedback by the game’s community. As such, gamers can expect the finished product to be pretty well polished upon official release.

“After much time spent gathering player feedback and suggestions from the Early Access phase, we are extremely excited to put the final touches on Dawn of Andromeda. We are truly confident that fans from all over the world will be able to fully immerse themselves into this galactic world we’ve worked so hard to create.” says Mike Domingues, lead developer at GreyWolf entertainment.

This alone is exciting enough, but what does Dawn of Andromeda offer players?

For starters, it offers a 4x gaming experience that allows players to guide and grow a society within Andromeda. Navigate the dangerous pitfalls of a new galaxy and help mankind survive. Players can build empires, colonize planets, interact with factions, as well as research and discover new tech. They can also construct massive fleets that will make enemies quake in their space boots. Players will also have access to unique scenarios and deftly designed stories. These stories will feature victory conditions, challenges, and relationships specifically tailored to those events.

With only a few weeks left, we almost can’t wait to get our hands on what looks like another space epic in the making!

To see more, check out the launch trailer below:

Beth Meadows
A graduate of Full Sail University in the field of Game Design, Beth currently works at a small game development studio as a QA Engineer (a fancy name for a QA Tester - which means she plays video games for a living). Beth is obsessed with Heroclix and loves all things BioWare. In her spare time she enjoys gaming, reading, writing, and playing with her dogs (yes, she's a crazy dog mom). She's also quite a big fan of sleeping and eating and is trying to figure out how to combine these abilities.

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