Fight Through Feudal Japan in Caldun Returns: This is Sengoku Trailer

Fight Through Feudal Japan in Caldun Returns: This is Sengoku

Caldun Returns

Retro Action RPG Caldun Returns: This is Sengoku is the newest installment in the Caldun series by NIS America.

CR:TiS takes place during the Sengoku era of Japan, however Japan is not where your hero’s journey begins. The hero wakes up to find himself in the strange land of Arcanus Cella. This is where the souls of deceased wait to be reincarnated. Typically souls would come here and achieve reincarnation in a timely manner. Unfortunately not all of the souls have their personal matter in order, this is where you come in.

You’ll aid these souls by wrapping up their unfinished business in real-world locations throughout feudal Japan. Along the way you’ll find yourself in dungeons with as many as 99 levels all filled with monsters and traps. You can fight your way through the dungeons in standard single-player mode, team up in co-op to fight alongside your friends, or compete against them to see who is the superior dungeon-crawler. Those that find re-playabililty through speed-runs will be able to see how they compare to others by checking their rankings through the online leaderboard.

Caldun Returns

Your allies can assist you through utilizing the Magic Circle system. By assigning and arranging ancient artifiacts into specific formations you can further increase your power and abilities.

In addition to the massive amount of dungeon content, players will find that they can customize their character and gear down to each and every pixel through the Pixel editor. After spending hours meticulously crafting your hero’s look, you can share it online for others to use in their own games.

Caldun Returns: This is Sengoku releases on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita June 6 in North America and June 9 in Europe. The Steam version will also release on June 6.

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