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Preview: Mothergunship Not Maternal, Yes Lethal

In space, no one can hear you get riddled with bulletholes. The Mothergunship booth at PAX East is a small, relatively unassuming thing; a simple corner with some nice banners displaying the game’s title, and a few computers to play on. Truly, I had no way of knowing just…

Impressions: Pyre is Ritualistic Football

Pyre makes a Sprint from Supergiant ‘s previous works. Pyre was one of the games I was most excited to play at PAX East this year. Between 2010’s Bastion and 2014’s Transistor, Supergiant Games has made a splash full of gorgeous art and music, interesting writing featuring unusual world’s,…

HPP At GDC Coverage Part Two

More games, more GDC! Here it is lovely reader, the second part of our GDC coverage. If you have not read the first post in our GDC coverage click here. it is not required to enjoy this article, but it does cover some info about our time at GDC…

Switch – or die trying Review (PC)

Alphabet Soup When you really sit and think about it, the 2D platformer is arguably the most oversaturated genre in all of gaming history. Before the Xbox Live Marketplace made its name on games like Super Meat Boy and Braid—really even before Steam (the largest independent games distribution service)…

Preview: ARMS at Arm’s Length

The most dangerous limb. Forget everything you ever thought you needed to know about those appendages attached to your hips known as legs, because we’re talking about ARMS. I’ve had a fascination with this game ever since it’s bizarre commercial that aired during the Switch announcement, that pitted a…

2Dark Review (PC)

How Dark is 2Dark? I came to 2Dark with absolutely no working knowledge of the Alone in the Dark game series. I knew of the series’ existence, but that was by and large the limit of what I did actually know about the games. Because of this, I didn’t…

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