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Thimbleweed Park Review (PC)

Creating a masterpiece is a walk in the park for Ron Gilbert’s Terrible Toybox. When it comes to the point-and-click adventure genre, few names carry as much weight as Ron Gilbert’s. The mad scientist behind The Secret of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion, Gilbert has crafted some of the most…

Stick A Needle In Your Eye In Prey’s New Video

Cross my heart and hope to die. The latest in Bethesda’s series of Prey gameplay videos demonstrates the TranStar Research Team’s “Neural Modifier,” a device which sticks needles in your eyes and rewrites your brain. Every word in that description is horrifying, but fear not – in practical terms,…
switch features

Where’s All The Switch Features?

What else does the Switch need? It’s been nearly four weeks since Nintendo’s Switch launched, but while everyone’s been enjoying Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the go, everyone can agree the system’s lacking in one big area: features. Whereas the system’s launch window of software is certainly stronger…

Under The Radar: Titanfall 2

The first triple-A cult classic?   Under The Radar is a series looking at those titles that we missed and the reasons why they were overlooked. The State Of Play Before we start, it’s probably worth mentioning; I really dislike multiplayer-only shooters. Undoubtedly, they’re a product of a relatively recent trend of…

RPG Maker Fes Gets New System Info

RPG Maker Fes shows off new features and more In preparation for the upcoming release of RPG Maker Fes, the latest in the RPG Maker franchise, NIS America has added a slew of new information to the game’s official website. The Fes system information update includes new information on how the RPG-making…

Fallout Shelter Migrates to PC

Fallout Shelter lets you the Overseer that you always knew that you could be – now from your PC! Do you like Fallout Shelter, but wish that you didn’t have to play it on your phone? Well, good news for you – Bethesda has officially released their quirky Vault simulation game for…

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