Meet 4 of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony’s Ultimate Kids

Things are about to get beary dangerous in here…
danganronpa v3: killing harmony

The Danganronpa series has always been all about characters who are at the pinnacle of whatever it is they do. Those who go above and beyond at a craft or skill, excel, and become known as “ultimates.” It’s like calling our Editor-in-Chief the Ultimate Cardiac Arrest Candidate because of how many heart-stopping meals he shares with us. You get the idea. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is no different from the rest in this regard, and today, NIS America has released all the juiciest and bloodiest details on four of the newest children of despair.

danganronpa v3: killing harmony

Kaede Akamatsu is Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony‘s “Ultimate Pianist,” with fingers that won’t quit. She’s so obsessed with musical prowess, in fact, that as a child she was dubbed “Piano Freak” by her peers. Despite childhood teasing and mockery, Kaede is described as having a positive, goal-oriented personality, the same drive which pushed her to win trophies and accolades for her musical ability. She resents Monokuma deeply for gathering her and everyone else into another game of murder.

danganronpa v3: killing harmony

Rantaro Amami is a very mysterious boy; so mysterious, in fact, that he can’t remember what his own ultimate talent is. Despite his amnesia, Rantaro is laid back and easygoing when it comes to the killing game. He also lets on that he might know a bit more about the goings-on of the game he and the other 15 Ultimates find themselves in than he lets on.

danganronpa v3: killing harmony

Miu Iruma is kind of like the Seto Kaiba of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, with a repertoire of inventions that have earned her the lofty title of Ultimate Inventor. Arrogant but brilliant, Miu is the creator of numerous commercial products, starting with a line of “eyedrop contact lenses” that got her a lot of fame. She considers that particular invention a failure purely by virtue of having had to put in actual effort in order to make them. Despite being a dirty-mouthed pot of vulgarity and arrogance to everyone at times, she yields easily to pushback, showing that her front might be merely that.

danganronpa v3 4

You know, the first three did feel a little normal, didn’t they? Even amnesia boy. But yeah, here we go. Meet Kokichi Oma, the Ultimate Supreme Leader. Kokichi is the head of a secret organization of evil, boasting over 10,000 members…or so he claims. Unfortunately for Kokichi, there is no evidence that his organization actually exists. Kokichi is also a self-expressed serial liar, unafraid to say whatever pops into his head on a whim. Evil organization or no, though, this guy is quite capable at commanding evil.

Well geez, what a nice bunch of kids. I just want to hang out with them right now! Luckily, we can all meet the next pack of Ultimate Something-Or-Others when Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony comes to North America on September 26, followed by a European release on September 29. The game is coming to Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita, in both digital and physical forms. Get ready to get your murder on one more time.

Jay Petrequin started writing at HeyPoorPlayer in the summer of 2012, but first got his start writing for It's Super Effective, a Pokemon podcast that happened to be a reflection of two of his biggest interests: pocket monsters, and making people listen to him say things.

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