Olivier Deriviere’s GET EVEN Soundtrack Uses Groundbreaking Technology

Don’t get mad, GET EVEN!

get even

Olivier Deriviere, doesn’t just have a fancy name, he’s also a IFMCA award-winning composer who has worked on such games as the underrated Remember Me, the justly beloved Assassin’s Creed IV and Freedom Cry. Also working on scores for films and animation, he’s been praised for both his composition and innovative approaches to connecting music with the game experience.

MTV have called him “Game Music’s Eclectic Daredevil,” (and MTV would know as they occasionally play music videos sometimes!)  Olivier Derivière’s latest work can be seen in the psychological thriller game GET EVEN, being developed by Polish studio The Farm 51 and published by BANDAI NAMCO.

Derieviere is going for a bold type of soundtrack – one that’s so seamless with the other sound effects in the game, and so reactive to the environment that it might be hard to tell where the the soundtrack ends and the sound effects begin.

Olivier Derivière himself had the following to say about his new score:

Through the use of real-time MIDI, live musicians recorded in ambisonics, and other audio tricks, the gaming environment itself is now an orchestra waiting to be conducted, and everything in it is a potential instrument,”

The score combines organic electronic music and a live orchestra, recorded and mixed in 3D audio with the Brussels Philharmonic at Galaxy Studios, Belgium. The score is intended to convey a wide range of emotions, reacting in real time to the player’s actions.

See Olivier Derivière working with the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra and get an understanding of how Auro-3D technology is used in this new GET EVEN video, ready for embedding here

GET EVEN will be coming out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on May 26th, 2017. For more information on Olivier Derivière and his work, you can visit his website here.  Check out the video below to see how Olivier Derivière is working with the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra and get an understanding of how the unique new Auro-3D technology works.

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