Birthdays the Beginning “Celebrate” Trailer

Celebrate good birthdays, come on!

 birthdays the beginning

Birthdays the Beginning is a rather charming looking title that blends Minecraft-style block-based world building with Peter Molyneux-like god simulation and genetic tinkering. In the style of such classics and Sim World, players can shape the geography and alter the temperature of their world, creating the conditions for life, balancing an entire ecosystem in the process. In the last of Yasuhiro Wada’s trilogy of Birthdays the Beginning trailer videos, Mr. Wada discusses the rather apt theme of “Celebrate!”

As you play through the story, you will notice a creature library that you slowly build on. This creature library will display a list of these captured lifeforms and how rare they are! However, even after you finish the story mode, you’ll only have uncovered half of the life-forms on offer. You’ll need to branch out into free mode to truly discover every form of cute cuddly life there is to discover.

In this video, the wisened Mr. Wada discusses “Challenge Mode” where your goal is to birth a specific organism within an allotted time given and other certain limitations. It’s a time attack mode where there are multiple ways to complete the challenges on offer. The trailer even features the possibility of a Flintstones-esque world where dinosaurs and humans live together! Madness! There’s also some adorable white wolf creatures, showing Birthdays is the perfect game if you like cuddly creatures.

Birthdays the Beginning arrives for the PlayStation 4 (in North America) and Steam on May 9th, 2017. The PS4 version for EU regions releases on May 12th. Birthdays aren’t always fun after you get north of 30, but the trailer below definitely is!


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