Episode Gladiolus Is Coming

The wait for Episode Gladiolus is over…almost

episode gladiolus

It seems that fans of Final Fantasy XV have been talking about the games’ upcoming DLC forever. After a somewhat mixed reception when it came to the games’ story, Square Enix announced that they would be releasing DLC for each of the main characters (with the exception of Noctis) that will not only shed some light on the stories of Gladio, Prompto and Ignis but also allow you to play with those characters and experience their combat style first-hand.

Out first will be Episode Gladiolus, which according to reports from Game Informer will take roughly three hours to complete and set you back $4.99 (without the season pass).

Described as an “in-your-face smashy-smashy playstyle”, gamers will be able to see what else Square Enix has offered us in terms of battle, as Gladio’s fighting style differs quite noticeably from Noctis’. In the same preview carried out by Game Informer, there are comparisons made between Episode Gladiolus and Dark Souls, which would mean quite an unusual style change for Square Enix, especially in terms of Final Fantasy games. However, I think this is more in reference to the timing of actions in the battle system rather than actual similarities between the games themselves.

“Through attacking, Gladiolus charges up powerful moves, often area-of-effect attacks, that dish out tremendous damage. But that’s not all, a block/guard ability allows Gladiolus to prevent incoming damage and negate attacks. Your blocks must be precise in order to really get the meter going though, so you must pay careful attention to enemy movements and attack signals”

Episode Gladiolus will be available for purchase on March 28th for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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