5 Potential Conflicts For The Next Call Of Duty

5. Call Of Duty: Vietnam

cod black ops vietnam

While COD:Black Ops dipped its toes into ‘Nam (complete with an accompanying Creedence Clearwater Revival track), the franchise has never dedicated a title solely to the conflict. The obvious question here is – how do you do a war that America lost? The remedy I would propose to this problem is one I think could almost apply to every item on this list – make it personal. It’s not about the conflict, it’s about how the player experiences it. I don’t care how much you love Captain Price’s moustache, Call Of Duty has always struggled with meaningful character development.

Imagine a Call Of Duty where you play as a drafted 16-year old. Your goal – make it through the war without dying, committing an atrocity or getting addicted to heroin. If this sounds callous it’s because I’m painting in broad strokes here. I’m not expecting a serious meditation on war, but Call Of Duty has hinted in the past that it can say something meaningful about conflict (just look at COD: World At War or a few choice moments from COD: Modern Warfare).


4. Call Of Duty: American Revolutionary War


Outside of survivalists and fervent gun lobbyists, most people don’t actually believe their will come a time when they need to rise up and fight back against a tyrannical government. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 already did the “Red Dawn” story. In the spirit of ‘returning to roots’, why not go for the American Revolutionary War?

As a British person (and therefore able to speak on behalf of literally all of us), we really don’t mind if you make us moustache twiddling baby murderers. At its core, the American Revolutionary War is a perfect underdog story of a people rising up and pushing back against a controlling dictatorship. You have the big battles and the tense raids and you basically get to be Mel Gibson in that terrible film The Patriot.


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