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SpiritSphere Review (PC)

Agahnim Fight: Sports Edition! I’ve never really been into sports (as if that’s actually surprising). Basketball, football, tennis… sure they’re all great, and I respect the athletes that play them, but unless they feature Mario and co. I probably won’t be going anywhere near it, and it’s a stretch even…

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle Review (Xbox One)

No, No, Power Rangers. The Power Rangers are set to hit the big screen this spring. And, just as you’d expect, that means it’s prime time for a video game adaptation to land on your console of choice. However, while the upcoming film is a somewhat grittier re-imaging of…

Yakuza 0 Launches Today – New Trailer

Yakuza 0: The Dragon Rises You can look forward to burrowing deep into the checkered past of longtime Yakuza protagonist Kazuma Kiryu in Yakuza 0, which launches today. Set during the height of Japan’s “bubble economy” where the streets are overflowing with vice, Yakuza 0 casts you as both…
final fantasy xv

Final Fantasy XV Updates And DLC Incoming

We all knew it was coming…   Square Enix has announced its plans for upcoming DLC for Final Fantasy XV and as expected, we have an update for Chapter 13 to help explain the somewhat patchy and confusing story as well as a series of single-player episodes based around…

Pokemon Duel Added to iOS and Google Play

Its more of a game than Pokemon Go   Attention all Pokemon enthusiasts; there is a new Pokemon game that has been released from Japan to the West. Originally released as Pokemon Comaster in Japan back in April 2016, the Pokemon Company has finally gotten around to translate the…
Toricky title

Toricky Review (PC)

Toricky is not your flight of fancy Running left and right has been a staple of gaming since the earliest platformers. Still, every once a while, somebody comes up with a different control scheme in an attempt to add some freshness to a tried-and-true formula. Such is the case…

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