Monthly Archives: January 2017

Fire Emblem Heroes Is Nintendo Stealing Your Wallet

Better fork over the cash Fire Emblem fans, Fire Emblem Heroes is here to shake you down. Remember back in 2015 when Nintendo announced that the company was working with DeNA on mobile adaptations of their valuable properties? How about when they said that the games would not necessarily be…

New Trailer For 2Dark Released

Get ready to bring your nightmares back to life…   The creator of Alone In The Dark has resurrected his ambition with another horror-thriller entitled, 2Dark. Original, right? Well perhaps not the title, but the recent announcement of the game’s first trailer of the year speaks volumes that the…

Town Of Light To Hit Playstation 4 And Xbox One

Town of Light will give you a fright! Wired Productions, an independent games publisher, have announced today that it has signed a worldwide publishing agreement with Italian developer to bring an updated version of psychological adventure The Town of Light to consoles and PC. Complete with fresh story…

Yakuza 0 Review (PS4)

From Zeroes To Heroes. Just over a year after Yakuza 5’s surprise release on the PlayStation 3 in the west, the hoodlums at SEGA have once again delivered another Japanese underworld epic for us lowly gaijin to enjoy. However, rather than simply picking up where the the last game…
call of cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu “Depths of Madness” Trailer Trivializes Your Sanity

The Call of Cthulhu must be answered, one way or another. Edward Pierce is a private detective who, frankly, just wanted another job. The job he took was anything but ordinary, whisking him unceremoniously away to Darkwater Island, investigating a murder on the edge of Boston. Welcome to Call…

Ariana Grande And Square Enix Collide

Free-to-Play just got a little “Pop” in its step Well ladies and gentlemen, its finally happened. Popular pop music has gone ahead and infected our Japanese mobile games. Its not J-pop, no rather its the type of music that could only come from the Western half of the world.…

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