Current Rankings of Fire Emblem Heroes Vote

Who’s ranked the highest?

fire emblem heroes vote

The 12-day Fire Emblem Heroes vote–in which the winning characters will receive special outfits–is over halfway done, and Nintendo was kind enough to release the current rankings. Who’s leading the grand pantheon of Fire Emblem heroes and villains? Check it out below!

fire emblem heroes votefire emblem heroes vote

As expected, fan-favorites like Ike, Lyn, Tharja, Roy, Lucina and Hector are leading the pack, with Nintendo of America’s Twitter reporting that Lyn, Ike and Lucina currently hold the most votes overall. Most of the Top Ten for both categories comprise of Lords or those closely related to them, but surprises like Cordelia and Donnel round out the pack. Numbers 11 through 20 are far more varied, including other popular units like Nephenee, Gaius, Nowi and…Dorcas? Yes, apparently Blazing Sword‘s–or rather, the original Fire Emblem in America–forgotten axeman has been a secret celebrity ever since his infamous mutton poisoning, and he’s done biding his time.

To reiterate, the top 10 in both categories will make special appearances in Fire Emblem Heroes that can be summoned for in-game use wearing special outfits. The winning heroes and heroines will also be featured in special monthly calendar wallpapers that’ll extend over into the next year.

Rest assured, yours truly will be doing everything he can to ensure Lissa and her descendants place in the Top 10. Hang in there, Owain!

Is your favorite character currently in the leading vote? Let us know in the comments below!


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