Nintendo Refiles Eternal Darkness Trademark

Could the switch be getting an Eternal Darkness game?

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

A lot of speculation has been going on about Nintendo’s upcoming console, the Switch, and a new development has added even more gossip to the old rumor mill – the re-licensing of the Eternal Darkness trademark just two weeks before Nintendo’s Tokyo livestream.

So far there has only been one Eternal Darkness game, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. Developed for the GameCube by Silicon Knights, Sanity’s Requiem was a psychological survival horror game surrounding the exploits of protagonist Alexandra Rovias as she explores the home of her deceased grandfather after being informed of his murder. Much of the Sanity’s Requiem‘s gameplay was spread out between a number of different characters from different time periods, all of whom were connected to the overlaying story. The game also featured a “sanity meter”. Along with a traditional health bar, players also had a bar representing how sane their character was. Many creatures and events within the game could lower the player’s sanity, with the character suffering a number of detrimental effects (that eventually led to death) when their sanity was too low.

Eternal Darkness Patent

Nintendo had claim to the Eternal Darkness trademark since the release of Sanity’s Requiem on the GameCube back in June 2002 up until 2008 when Nintendo’s trademark attorneys neglected to properly file the necessary forms in order to keep the trademark. Starting Feburary of 2010, Nintendo made three separate attempts to once again claim the Eternal Darkness trademark as their own via Intent to Use trademark applications. While they weren’t initially successful, it looks like their work finally paid off for them!

Could this mean the return of the Eternal Darkness franchise, or possibly a remake of Sanity’s Requiem? Who knows! Video game companies do this kind of thing pretty frequently – it’s hard to infer anything based on this alone. What do you think about this latest development? Would you like to see an Eternal Darkness game on the Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

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