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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Review (PS4)

An enjoyable glimpse into the future of Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts III has been in development for quite some time now, and it’s kind of funny (to me, anyway) when you think about it. The first Kingdom Hearts released all the way back in 2002, and Kingdom Hearts II released in 2006. Considering…

Banner Saga 3 Funding Success

More Vikings! More Adventure! Today, Stoic, an independent game development company, announced that after less than 7 days they have reached their initial target for the Banner Saga 3 on Kickstarter. The first stretch goal for the crowdfunding  campaign has been unlocked, with the introduction of playable Dredge if…

Double Dragon IV Review (PC)

Double Dragon IV nails the basics, but leaves its fighting spirit on the cutting room floor. As a product of the early 1980’s, I’m one of the countless millions of golden era gamers who cut their teeth on Technos Japan’s 1987 arcade blockbuster, Double Dragon. The game was a…

Criminal Girls: Invite Only Review (PC)

These criminal girls invite only the most generic anime protagonist dudes to dungeon crawl with them! Death is the final frontier of the human experience. What lies beyond it is a great cosmic mystery. Criminal Girls: Invite Only posits that for delinquent girls there’s a special circle of hell…

Rise & Shine Review (Xbox One)

Rise & Shine aims to thrill retro gamers, but ultimately misses the mark thanks to a number of frustrating design decisions. When I first previewed Rise & Shine late last year, I really enjoyed that early taste of the game. Best described as a fusion of Metal Slug and…
nintendo fiscal report

Nintendo Fiscal Report: Pokémon Sells Gangbusters

Pokémon Sun and Moon have already sold 14 million! The latest Nintendo fiscal report arrived with some big news: Pokémon Sun and Moon sold over 14 million units…and that was just in 2016! While Pokémon games have always sold like crazy–here’s a list of sales as provided by GoNintendo–none of…

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