Monthly Archives: December 2016

Atlus To Announce New Fantasy RPG Tomorrow

Atlus forms new internal studio to create brand-new fantasy role-playing game IP. While Persona 5 may be the first RPG that comes to mind when you think of Atlus these days, it seems the fifth entry in their flagship series is not the only trick the has up their…

Robinson: The Journey Is Coming to Oculus Rift Next Month

Robinson: The Journey stomps onto Oculus Rift in January. Just over a month after its release on the PlayStation VR, developer Crytek has announced that Robinson: The Journey will be making its way to the Oculus Rift in January. Robinson: The Journey is a virtual reality adventure inspired by…
Intrude title

Intrude Review (PC)

A most welcome intrusion Lots of retro-style first-person shooters have been released recently. Nostalgia for more primitive and purist gameplay is at an all-time high, with various titles attempting to recapture some aspect or another of a bygone era. It begs the question: how far back do we go, and…

Thumper Adds Support For SteamVR

Dive back into Hell on the Vive and Rift. It’s no secret around these parts that some of us at Hey Poor Player are big fans of Thumper. I wrote a flowery bit of prose on the desktop version when it released a few months back—and I only had…

Lethal VR Review (PS4)

Lethal VR is a soothing salve for an itchy trigger finger. Lock and load, gamers! Lethal VR is the latest entry in the PSVR’s fast-growing collection of virtual shooting galleries. Putting players in the role of an FBI recruit, the game plants players behind the iron sights of a…
Album Art for Hey Poor Podcast Episode 80: Jark Souls

Hey Poor Podcast Episode 80: Jark Souls

This week’s episode of the Hey Poor Podcast features I Coleman and Nathan Terencio as they discuss everything from Rogue One to mobile gaming.

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