Monthly Archives: December 2016

King Lucas Released On Steam

Indie Developer Devilish Games have released their Metroidvania inspired game King Lucas on Steam. King Lucas, a Metroidvania game with 2.5D graphics, single and multiplayer modes and classic game mechanics for the delight of platform and adventure games lovers as well as for you who didn’t live the 80’s,…
capcom dormant ip

Capcom planning to revive dormant IPs

Marvel vs. Capcom isn’t the only franchise coming back… As fighting game fans rejoice in the advent of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, it would appear the Marvel/Capcom crossover is the first of many returning Capcom franchises. According to a press release on the developer’s investor relations site, Capcom is…

Resident Evil 7 Is Shaping Up To Be PSVR’s First True Killer App

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard thrives in VR, delivering what could be the best case for the PSVR to date. Following this last Week’s PlayStation Experience in San Francisco, California, Capcom announced that Resident Evil 7’s Beginning Hour demo had finally received its third update, bringing full PSVR support to…

Forged Of Blood Unveils Pre-Alpha Demo

Critical Forge have unveiled a pre-alpha demo for their RPG Forged Of Blood. After pushing the studio to the limit, Critical Forge debuted a pre-alpha demo for Forged of Blood with hotseat gameplay functionality at Game Prime Asia 2016 in Jakarta on November 29 – 30. The build featured…

Yopaz Ice Star Retro Review (Atari Jaguar CD)

When you wish upon a star! This relatively new homebrew title for the Jag CD is actually a sequel to one of the earliest Jaguar homebrews produced, the highly addictive Diam Jag by OrionSoft. In fact if you count the 3D version of the game that also appeared, called…

Meet 3 of Persona 5’s Confidants In These New Trailers

Social Links? Schmocial links. Meet Persona 5’s confidants. It always pays to know the right people. Persona 5 embraces this mantra by allowing the player to build and maintain relationships with Confidants such as party members and various people around Tokyo. Deepening your bond with Confidants unlocks special skill…

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