Six Most Disappointing Games of 2016

3. Street Fighter V

Most Disappointing Games of 2016 Street Fighter V

When it released in February, Street Fighter V served as a prime example of how to screw screw your customers over. Considering just how often the Capcom has found itself the cross hairs of fans and the media alike for doing just that (on-disc DLC, anyone?), the latest entry in their long-running fighting game series could be considered the developer’s miserly magnum opus.

Street Fighter V (read our review here) launched lacking even the most basic features that fighting game fans expect to find in nearly every fighter out there.The game lacked even an arcade mode – a genre staple – leaving players hoping to engage in some single-player fisticuffs nothing but an anemic story mode for each character comprised of three or four single-round bouts against brain-dead AI that can be steamrolled over in less than five minutes. Talk about bang for your buck!

Capcom would eventually dole out new characters and modes over the course of the year, but the bitter taste of Early Access permeated the entire experience at launch, giving Street Fighter V’s debut all of the punch of a wet firecracker.

Thankfully, most of the disappointment that came with the release of Street Fighter V was washed away with The King of Fighters XIV’s arrival in August. SNK’s slugfest not only offered a robust experience that included not just the requisite games modes you’d expect, but a stable of 50 playable characters right out of the box – a far cry from SFV’s anemic launch  lineup.

Get your shit together, Capcom.


2. Robinson: The Journey


As one of the first fully fleshed-out adventures for the PlayStation VR, Robinson: The Journey had some pretty big shoes to fill. Unfortunately, Crytek’s Jurassic journey never quite managed to deliver an experience that was able to match the titanic scale of the dinosaurs who call the verdant jungles of the planet Tyson III home. Sure, it looked pretty as you’d expect from a game developed by Crytek, the studio known for delivering jaw-dropping visuals. But the massive dinosaurs and stunning vistas can only carry a game so far. And when you strip away the Robinson’s rich visuals, the largely empty world and lack of much of anything compelling to do while you’re there left us bored long before the game’s brief three-hour story was over. Unless you’re really into climbing small cliffs or moving debris as you occasionally make your pet T-Rex roar at things, you likely won’t find much here to keep you entertained, either.

Maybe at a $20 price point like Batman: Arkham VR or Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Robinson could be considered a worthwhile journey. However, when you consider the game was released with a $60 MSRP, it’s pretty insulting just how little game you’re actually getting for your dollar here.

Simply put, Robinson: The Journey (Read our review here) is a story of wasted potential. A game that could have been one of the PSVR’s strongest selling points, but offers little more than a nature hike through a strange and painfully boring world.


1. No Man’s Sky


Well, it’s a surprise to no one that THIS game is on the list. With all of the disappointment that NMS made for itself within the gaming community, and the bad press that followed, No Man’s Sky truly became No Man’s Game, and with it might have been snuffed any potential legacy Hello Games was looking to make for itself.  It may actually hold the title for being, quite honestly, the most disappointing game of 2016.

When we all first saw No Man’s Sky there was absolute awe at the premise of a near literal digital universe for everyone to explore. Factor in countless varieties of flora and fauna, warring factions, alien races, ruins, customizable ships, and a mystery that can only be solved by reaching the center of the universe, and you had yourself your very own Star Wars/Trek style adventure only one controller away. So what happened? Well, none of the things we were promised as gamers happened, and at the end of the day it was the unfulfilled promises that broke the hearts of all those looking forward to No Man’s Sky release.

True, No Man’s Sky developers Hello Games and Sean Murray may not be at fault, at least completely, and what they set out to achieve they did at least in part fulfill. We do have planets and a galaxy, warp drive and animals to catalogue…however crazy looking some of those beasts may be, but at the end of the day No Man’s Sky (read our review here) failed to give us what it promised, and even their Foundation Update added features that no one was asking for. Can the game still be saved? Of course it can, but not if Hello Games doesn’t show that they care about their product and, more importantly, their fans.

So, those are the games we felt the most burned by in 2016. What games failed to meet your expectations this year? Do you feel that any of the games we listed doesn’t deserve such a bad rap? Be sure to let us know in the comments section.

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