The Video Game Ghost of Christmas Present

The Video Game Ghost of Christmas Present


video game ghost of christmas present

Hello, how are you?

I am the Video Game Ghost of Christmas Present. I want to wish a jolly good day! And I mean that whole-heartedly. It is such a good, wonderful day! What a time to be alive. Did you know that there are more video games available now than there have ever been? Of course you do. That’s just logic. Older games don’t just go away. So every new moment of Christmas present is literally the best time for video games ever. Unfortunately, I can see that you may not entirely agree. That’s fine. No need to explain. All I need you to do is sit right there and relax. There are a few things I want to show you.

I know you’ve been through this a bit before. If you don’t remember, maybe you should check out the first article telling you of my coming. After that, feel free to revisit your journey with the Video Game Ghost of Christmas Past. Go ahead and give them a read. Yes now. There’s no time like the present. I’m here whenever you’re ready to move on.

Now, if you’re ready, we have places to go. To be honest, that’s true even if you’re not ready. Unfortunately, the Christmas present doesn’t really wait for anything. So let’s get moving.

ship - christmas present

Hop in.

We don’t actually have to move anywhere special for the first sight. You’re looking at it. You’re reading it now. You’re right there, and you’re looking at a screen. You’re reading these words. They’re playing in your head in some kind of voice. I suggest you use the voice of a huge, booming personality, like John Rhys-Davies. But that’s beside the point, isn’t it?

What I’m trying to say is that you’re reading this instead of playing video games. Don’t get me wrong, I’m exceptionally happy that you’re reading this. Maybe it’s an appropriate reading time. Maybe you’re on the toilet or something. But maybe it’s not. Maybe you’re at your gaming computer. Perhaps you’re sitting mere feet away from a console or two. If so, why aren’t you playing some video games?

Obviously, the problem here isn’t that you’re reading my article. That’s the opposite of a problem. The issue is that you have a habit now of brushing off video gaming. You tell yourself you just don’t have the time to play them, but you really do. You make time for plenty of things throughout your day. Only one of those things is reading articles about video games. Other things are time wasters like social media, staring at the wall, and posting on forums. Think about how you feel while doing those things. Do they really give you the same sense of fulfillment and joy that you get from video games?

broken computer - christmas present

Wait, don’t answer that.

Oh, and speaking of forums, we definitely need to talk. Have you seen how salty you are? Seriously, it’s gotten completely out of hand. The countless forums for all of the game out there today are filled to the brim with salty garbage. Every thread and post is just an explosion of whines about patches, balance, graphics, gameplay, and developer response to those problems. Scratch what I said before. This has gone far past “out of hand” and slid all the way into “bat-shit ridiculous.” Just take a look at the Overwatch forums.

forum - christmas present

It’s the highest concentration of tantrums in the world.

Is that fun to you? You don’t seem like you’re having fun. You actually look like you’re just working yourself up on anything you can grab on to. if these games are really as bad as you seem to think, then why have you been playing them at all? It’s actually quite strange when you take a step back and really look at it. When you finally do take a break from complaining about a game to actually play it, you seem a lot happier. Based on your outspoken opinions about video games, I’d expect to see it the other way around.

What I can’t grasp is how this behavior continues. Not only that, but it keeps getting worse. I’ve even seen you complain about wanting a fix in a game only to complain about that same fix when it gets added in. The only way that makes sense is if you simply enjoy being upset about something. Why else would you be specifically be looking for things to complain about? Why even play a game with the mindset of finding all of the flaws? Did you forget that games are meant to be fun?

You haven’t forgotten. I know that. I see you playing video games sometimes. Sure, you get frustrated and upset when a challenge keeps you down. However, have you seen your face when you overcome that challenge? That’s what these games are all about. Without the pain of loss, you can’t actually enjoy the sweet taste of success. You can’t have one without the other. It just seems that you’ve forgotten about that little nugget of truth. If you hadn’t, I don’t think you would have been complaining so much.

thinking - christmas present

“Maybe he’s got a point.”

I think we’ve spent enough time here. It’s time we move on. I need to show you something else, because I’m sure you’re thinking of counter-arguments by now. Specifically, I’m sure you’re thinking about how gaming has changed. Games don’t have the same care and attention paid to them now, right? That’s why we have day-one patches. That’s why developers release games before they’re finished. Well if that’s so true, then why are new gamers still emerging onto the scene?

If developers have been getting sloppy, lazy, and greedy, then the video game industry as a whole would be seeing the tail-end of a massive decline. That’s not the case, though. Gaming continues to attract new members from all over the place. And these people aren’t just jaded or naive fools. They’re excited to get a hold of the latest consoles and games. They have a familiar glimmer in their eyes that you may have recognized from yourself at one point. How can that be when games are all garbage now? Regardless, take a look at someone else’s Christmas present.

You see, the truth is that developers still care very much about their games. Each company has a reputation that’s really important to them. The men and women of the industry proudly display their names on each game. They represent months and even years of hard work by a team of industry experts who are passionate about making video games. And unfortunately, because of how you’ve been treating them and their games, their jobs keep getting harder and harder.

My time is running short. Unfortunately, the magic of a single moment doesn’t last very long. Before I go, there’s one more sight I have to show you. I have to give you an example of the effect you’re having on gaming as a whole. As the Video Game Ghost of Christmas Present, I want to introduce you to a man named Chris Metzen.

metzen - christmas present

Say “hi,” Chris.

Chris Metzen is one of the biggest minds behind some of gamings most popular and successful titles of all time. Metzen’s influence is present through all of Blizzard’s work: from World of Warcraft to Overwatch. Also, Chris Metzen is retired. He’s also 43 years old. One of the most powerful hitters in video gaming has called it quits. Sure, some of the reason goes to raising a family and such. The real focus of the blame, though, goes to you. Your constant stream of complaints, criticism, sarcastic quips, and downright hateful attitudes has worn Metzen down to the brink. The full, final reason of his departure is that he had to, or the stress would have killed him.

That is the climate right now for game developers. You hold them to such insane, and honestly imaginary, standards. They can’t ever satisfy the masses. The punishment is hate, flame, and more hate. They work hard to give you the most exciting and fun video game they can, but it’s not enough. Your inability to just have fun and play a game is harming the industry as a whole. If only you could have the introspection needed to stop this from happening.

Well, I’m sorry, but my time is up. The Christmas present is often over before you know it. Your lives continue moving, and I must fade away. A new present is arriving, and I am not part of it. Keep in mind, you still have one more visitor. Keep your wits about you and listen to the final message. Expect your new visit soon. Until then, I hope you keep in mind what you learned about your video game Christmas present.

David is a certified triple threat of charm, wit, and enchanting eyebrows. Since none of those things make a skilled gamer, he's not always that good. That doesn't stop his drive to reach for the digital stars, though. You can often find David grinding, customizing, shooting, stabbing, grinding, playing god, platforming, upgrading, hyping, grinding, and grinding. He digs deep in the retro trenches but also balances on the cutting edge. David is a man who plays his games with depleted mana stores and half a heart left. David's most favorite of all video games is the under-appreciated gem, SaGa Frontier for ps1. More favorites: Portal, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, World of Warcraft, Half-Life 2, Silent Hill 2, Dark Souls 2, and just way too many more.

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