Hey Poor Podcast Episode 75: The House That Videogames Built

“Anthony Spivey: Origins”

Hey Poor Podcast Episode 75 album art

It’s another two-person show this week, as host I “Miko” Coleman is joined by Anthony “Smoooooth” Spivey to present to you a 100% stress-free guaranteed episode of the Hey Poor Podcast.  Join us in your home away from home as we the discuss the terrible the dubbing of World of Final Fantasy, I’s quest to not be the worst SUPERHOT player of all time, and a surprising number of in-depth critical discussions about the state of the industry.  We also dare to suggest that Teen Titans Go might actually be pretty good, and spend a lot of time talking about weird anime breast physics, because of course we do.

Games of the Week: World of Final Fantasy (Final Fantasy XIII-3 spoilers from 8:57 to 10:30), Yesterday Origins, Metal Gear Solid, SUPERHOT, Devil Daggers, Battlefield 1‘s lousy marketing campaign, terrible names for sequels, Doom 3

Audience Questions: weird cartoons, stress-relieving games, favorite Battleborn character

The News: the end of Wii U production and Nintendo’s obvious lies, the manufactured scarcity of the NES Classic, Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s impending release, Young Justice Season 3, The Division gets another expansion, trailers for Ghost in the Shell, Assassin’s Creed, and Valerian

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I. Coleman
I Coleman believes that videogames are the most important, most fascinating, and most potentially world-changing entertainment medium today. When not saying dorky, embarrassing crap like that, I is a game designer, science fiction author, and former reviews editor for the now-defunct GamerSyndrome.com with years of experience writing for and about games.

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