Streamline Goes Free For 24 Hours

Streamline will be free for 24 hours on Steam


November 17, Streamline will be free on Steam. All you have to do is login to to Steam, add the game to your account, and it is yours forever at zero charge. This is about as good a deal as anyone can ask for.

Streamline is a game developed with Twitch integration as a major focus. Developer Proletariat Inc. has created a hunter/runner game where your Twitch stream can not only play with you, but augment the game as well. The basic idea is that runners run and the hunters hunt them down.

Through players can adjust the map, rule set, and even physics of the game. This brings in not only those playing but allows the whole community to get involved. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Streamline before, this is absolutely your best chance to now. You can find the game here on steam.

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