CD Projekt Schedules Shareholder Meeting For Hostile Takeover Preparations

CD Projekt preparing for possible hostile takeover

CD Projekt Red


CD Projekt, developer of the widely popular series The Witcher, has been reported by a Polish daily as preparing against a possible hostile takeover. The Daily references an agenda for a General Meeting of Shareholders scheduled on November 29th.

The agenda outlines that they will vote on the company buying back ~$65 million of shares, consolidating their subsidiary brands into the holding company, as well as placing voting restrictions on those whose shares exceed 20%.

While there has been no official report from CD Projekt explaining the cause for this meeting, the three points from the agenda tell a concerning story. The vote to buy back shares, as well as merging brands the company already owns, helps to avoid a direct hostile takeover where an outside party would buyout enough shares giving majority on all votes. The last point, voting restrictions on shareholders whose ownership exceeds 20% seems to be a last line of defense effort. If a major investor came in, this would help to control their impact on the company as a whole.

This all may seem rather boring in the details, but the picture it paints is one of great question. Why are there fortifying the castle now? Is there an investor on the horizon or is CD Projekt simply preparing for future growth? There have been rumors of EA showing interest in the company, though CD Projekt has denied that any deal is currently in the works. We also saw in September Vivendi’s failed attempt at a takeover of Ubisoft, leaving some to speculate that the media conglomerate has set its sights on CD Projekt, though there are currently no reports to back this up.

Many fans have expressed their concern of what will happen to CD Projekt if they lose control. While takeovers and mergers typically mean less control for the company consumed, there’s always the chance of a benevolent investor. As of right now, everything is speculation and we will continue to report on this story as it develops.


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