PlayStation VR Is Causing A Hairy Mess

Trumped Again


It’s a beautiful Saturday morning. The birds are chirping. The pets are enjoying the food you scooped out of a can. The smell of coffee is floating throughout the house, and the cool dew that’s clinging to the grass is being whisked away by the dull lawnmower blade that’s hacking away at the grass it’s sitting on. After scarfing down a nice big bowl of Fruit Loops and lapping up the sugary milk that remains in the bowl, it’s time to play some PlayStation VR. With flashlight in hand, the VR headset’s HDMI cables get connected to the corresponding symbols on the obtuse breakout box, and now it’s time to strap on the comfortable headset and get transported to a virtual world of wonder.

Hours go by and your hands are getting numb from gripping the PlayStation Move controllers so tightly that you begin to wonder if maybe that’s why the batteries don’t last as long as they used to (long time Move controller owners get it). It’s time to take a much needed break and get back to reality. You remove the headset and unravel yourself from the HDMI cord that’s now wrapped around your leg. Hours of playtime cause use you to stumble out of your game room since your brain is still trying to figure out what the hell is going on, and then you notice something odd in a mirror that was mysteriously hung on the wall years ago by your mother.

“Who the hell was that, a ghost?”, you say to yourself as you take a few steps back to take a look in the mirror again.

You then quickly realize that your hair is in such disarray that Don King would even question your standards. That damn headset has done it again! There’s nothing you can do about it either. This is one of the things that you must accept now that you are a the proud owner of a PSVR.


I have to hand it to Sony. In my opinion they’ve made the most comfortable VR headset on the market. The front piece of the headset that sits on the front of your head ever-so-nicely will most likely be the new standard for several future iterations of VR devices. This comfort does come with one caveat though. Those who wear hats probably didn’t even notice how much the PSVR can dishevel hair, but us who don’t often wear any type of headwear were quite surprised the first time we removed Sony’s device after a long play-session. There’s not much we can do about it though. Considering the hours upon hours of entertainment my PSVR headset has given me, I guess I can live with bad hair.

VR hair

One bright spot in all of this is that we are all now aware of the damage the PSVR headset can do to a neatly groomed head of locks.  Just a few short weeks ago I was forced to finish up a long session of Rush of Blood due to a family engagement that I was obligated to attend.  My inability to straighten myself up due to being rushed out of the house has changed the way my family views me as a person.  I was baffled by the looks I was receiving from my 92 year-old great aunt all the way down to my 2 month-old cousin, until my 6 year-old daughter finally asked me, “Daddy, is your hair ever going to go back to the way it was?”  I thought for a second, and then  I rushed to the restroom and threw open the door only to be greeted by a mirror that displayed an untamed head of hair that could give Phil Spector a run for his money.  It was that moment in time that I knew, we as PSVR owners have a problem.

A few weeks have passed since “The Incident” and I believe my family has now accepted the fact that my hair is always going to be a disaster.   That’s what we need to ask of our loved ones in this time of untested future technology.  If they truly love you, they will remain by your side no matter how bad it gets.

The future looks extremely promising when it comes to VR. I think this has been the biggest step for gamers since we upgraded our 8-Bit NES’s to the 16-Bit generation. If this promising future is filled with plenty of citizens with messy hair, we need to look past the mess and just accept it.

Mike Vito has been a slave to gaming ever since playing his grandfather's Atari 2600. A collector of all things retro, his main focus is obtaining a full NES collection. Being a father has rekindled his spirit for Nintendo and he now spends most of his time teaching his daughter about the games of yesteryear. Check out his other work in Pat Contri’s Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the SNES Library. Follow him @veryevilash on Twitter Current favorite games: Air Zonk, NHL Hitz 2003, Castlevania Symphony of the Night, & Super Dodgeball.

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