Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome amiibo update ready for download

Animal Crossing: New Leaf welcomes amiibo…and more!

animal crossing welcome amiibo

The Animal Crossing: New Leaf Nintendo Direct has just ended, bringing with it a wealth of DLC announcements for a game nearly four years old! Detailing the likes of amiibo functionality and some familiar mini-games, the Welcome amiibo update is set to keep dedicated mayors busy for years to come. Just in case you missed it, you can catch up with the self-aware Direct below.

As implied by the update name, there’s plenty of new amiibo content to enjoy in New Leaf. Through locating the adorable ghost Wisp or visiting Harvey’s campground, Animal Crossing amiibo figures and cards can call the camping vans of their corresponding characters, who can either trade special furniture or even move into your town. Even crossover characters get in on the fun: villagers based on Splatoon and The Legend of Zelda icons can drop by through relevant amiibo, and can even bring furniture from their respective series!

But to obtain their goods, you’ll need MEOW coupons. A new form of currency, these coupons are obtained by participating in weekly initiatives such as catching bugs and planting fruit trees. Once completed, you drop by the CAT Machine to earn your keep.

animal crossing welcome amiibo

Two new mini-games are also available via in-game Wii U/3DS consoles. Through the former is Desert Island Escape from last year’s Animal Crossing: amiibo festival, in which three villagers must work together to, well, escape from a Desert Island. Meanwhile, Puzzle League fans will be delighted to learn obtaining a 3DS will render an Animal Crossing version available for play. And yes, both games can utilize amiibo.

That’s all enough for a new-game in itself, but there’s more: in case you’re struggling with hoarding items, Tom Nook comes to rescue with a special storeroom you can access at home, and it won’t affect your interior design in the slightest. Meanwhile, you can now take AR photos of amiibo characters and your villagers in customizable poses/expressions.

And for those who own Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, a little treat is in store for you: over twenty giant items  exclusive to the spin-off will now be available in New Leaf by linking both games together. You ever wanted an inflatable Resetti in your house? Well, now you can. And even if you don’t have the spin-off, don’t fret: a visit to Nook’s Homes will grant the ability of furniture arrangement by touch-screen.


Are you ready to dive into all this new content? Let us know in the comments below!

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