New Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Unleashes Your Inner Casey Neistat

Drones, puppies and seals confirmed in new snippet for hipster simulator Watch Dogs 2.


The release of Watch Dogs 2 is just around the corner and Ubisoft have dropped a new trailer featuring Trap, drones, extreme sports, hippies and oh yeah, some hacking too. It’s fair to say Ubisoft are hitting plenty of targets here and the trailer gives off the vibe that this one is much more about goofs and gaffs than the much more serious tone of the previous title allowed.

The trailer shows off some seamless looking drone gameplay (it will no doubt play a big role in a lot of the gameplay) as well as some radical looking stunts. Another aspect that’s also clear is how Dedsec (the good guy hackers) have a very public influence on this version of San Francisco (tagging up streets signs), hinting at what could also be a PR-related conflict as well as a clandestine one. We even get a billboard lamenting gentrification. What’s clear is that Watch Dogs 2 is putting a firm emphasis on establishing its themes (Anonymous, Occupy etc)  in this outing. Whether these will be statements/perspectives from the developers or simply window dressing remains to be seen.

The clear priority here is activities and fun. There is almost equal screen-time for stunts, drone flying and non-violent city roleplaying than there is for actual shooting, stealthing and hacking. We also get a bit of voice-over from our new protagonist Marcus Holloway, who despite saying nothing of note, is already more likeable than the grouchy Aiden Pearce.

Ubisoft have a track record of learning from the flaws of earlier titles (looking at your Assassin’s Creed) and fine-tuning their sequels into polished sandboxes that play well. Whether Watch Dogs 2 will offer enough of a change up in modern day open-world games to be a success remains to be seen but they’re hitting the right notes in their approach (without really taking any risks).

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