Keijo Episode One Review

I refuse to add the ten exclamation marks in the title

Have you ever thought about that one mini-game in Dead or Alive Xtreme  3 where your bodacious babes try to knock each other off a float and ponder, “I bet that this would make an amazing anime”? Well, my degenerate friend, you are one of the few who got their wish granted in Keijo. For the other 95 percent of the world, does Keijo have anything to show for it besides sweaty girls and their busts?


The show starts out with Nozomi Kaminashi, a spry girl of eighteen, who wants to bounce babes off her body in order to become the richest girl in the sport of Keijo, a female-only water sport where you have to use only your…assets to knock the opponent off a rickety stage. In this universe, Keijo is extremely popular as a sport, as thousands of dollars are used to bet on which gal will last longest against the boobie barrage. Get good enough, and you can gain immense wealth, like what people who play actual sports in real life generally earn. The sport is incredibly stupid, but in all honesty, could probably be watched as a niche sport if it came to be real.

The story starts off in what feels to be the middle of the story. It jumps around with its plot structure, either by going to the finals of being able to participate in the big leagues, to already being accepted and finding out that Nozomi’s new roommates at a Keijo-centric school are a bunch of weirdos. It took a little getting used to, but it all made sense near the middle of the episode, though I do wish it started at the actual beginning of the story. All of the girls that make up the cast have mostly generic personality tropes that you have seen in about any show. Nozomi is the bubbly bouncy girl that just wants to bump girls, while her friend, Sayaka Miyata is the quiet serious girl with small breasts, but can smack anyone away with her buttocks. Throw in the clumsy girl that no one expects will make it any farther, the perverted girl that makes the others fell awkward, and the slightly crazy gal, and you have your cast of women that have been in about anything.


The art is mostly just passable until the fighting happens. I never thought that Keijo would feel like a Dragonball Z fight, but when the action starts, speed lines come at incredibly fast angles, and the parts used in knocking off the opponent are extremely detailed. Its actually pretty impressive at small intervals and works well for the kind of show that Keijo is shaping out to be. Its clear to about anyone that this show isn’t going to break any groundbreaking story arcs any time soon, nor will it probably have any mainstream appeal. However, for those that want some decent fighting with asses and breasts, you will most certainly want to check out the first episode. It’s both good and bad at the same time, and the studio knows what the fans’ will want as later episodes start to air. For most people who may feel uncomfortable with this type of action, you will want to stay far away from this ridiculous show.  For those that like girls showing and using what God gave them, this is one of the better starts to this genre of show. The first episode is available for Crunchyroll members now, and will be available next week for free users.

Final Verdict: 2.5/5




Anthony Spivey loves his handhelds. Ever since getting a Game Boy and Pokemon Blue when they came out, he has rarely set down a handheld, usually to only pick up a console controller. He is frequently on the Hey Poor Podcast, which everyone should listen to. His favorite games include Persona 3 Portable, Pokemon Silver, Sonic Advance 2, and Final Fantasy VI Advance.

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