Monthly Archives: September 2016

Unbox Arrives on Steam Today

Adventuring packs up, and ships out Manchester-based indie game developer Prospect games has announced today the official release of their latest game; Unbox. A quirky adventure that puts a unique spin on both the postal service and delivering process, Unbox promises to deliver a fun-yet-challenging game, complete with single and multiplayer features,…

Mother Russia Bleeds Review (PC)

Painting the Motherland red   When it comes to video games, few genres can match the simple satisfaction that a good beat-’em-up provides. Since developer Technos Japan first introduced the Brothers Lee as they punched and kicked their way through a murderous metropolis to rescue their beloved Marian in…

Persona 5 -THE DAY BREAKERS- Review

This doesn’t “Steal Your Heart” as promised   I know that I am not the only one saying that Atlus has made one of the greatest RPG series in Persona. From its humble beginnings with the original game, every iteration of Persona game has increased in quality, storytelling, and production…

Gun Media Releases Friday the 13th: The Game Kill Montage To Quench Your Thirst For Blood

Fatality!   Developer Gun Media has been steadily treating horror and video game fans alike to juicy blood soaked morsels of content from their Kickstarter success Friday the 13th: The Game, but this new footage has pushed us over the edge of excitement! In in a new video that was…

Seasons After Fall Review (PC)

Outfoxing the competition.   Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to control the seasons? When winter is so cold your driveway is covered with snow, wouldn’t it be handy to snap your fingers and make it summer? When the autumn starts and the cinemas are filled with mediocre…

Deus Ex – Black Light Book Review

James Swallow returns with his third entry in the game's cyberpunk universe's fiction series, Deus Ex: Black Light.

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