Screenshots Detail Vampyr’s Combat

Dontnod Reveals Combat Screenshots of Vampyr


Vampyr is an upcoming action RPG by developers Dontnod, the same who created Remember Me and Life is Strange. The game is set in London, during the ugly years of the Spanish flu. Vampires, apparently, roam the streets at night to hunt any stragglers. You get to play as one of these supernatural beings, a doctor recently turned. During the course of the game, you attempt to adapt and learn the struggles and drama of the undead life. In this particular version of the Vampire mythos, you must kill humans to satiate your thirst for blood. Humanity begins to slip away and it is up to the player to shape the fate of one Jonathan Reid, like honing your powers in a versatile RPG skill-tree.

This skill-tree allows for a variety of combat moves, displayed in these amazing screenshots. Reid is equipped with the usual melee and ranged attacks, all linked to a Blood Gauge. The Blood Gauge is filled through combat (dodging or attacking). The more gruesome the attack, the more Vampiric (rather, more savage) Reid gets, destructive spells and abilities suddenly at his disposal.

Furthermore, the skill-tree can be used in any order. This allows players to customize their combat, as a more aggressive play will deal more damage but high risk of killing civilians, or less aggressive which allows crowd-control and sniping from a safe distance. One of the abilities, for example, is called Spring. This allows the player to transport instantly to a distant enemy and can be used for an AOE or grant temporary invincibility, depending on the player’s choices.

Interestingly, holding on to said humanity affects combat as well. If Reid feeds on civilians, he gets a huge XP dose to make combat much easier. However this comes with notoriety, increased danger on the streets, and narrative consequences for the game’s citizens. The affects don’t stop there either, Reid can pick a fight whenever he pleases, but he can also use his supernatural abilities to avoid combat completely. Indeed, Vampyre goes so far as to force the player to consider exactly who to feed from, and who not to.

Developed by Dontnod and published by Focus Home Interactive Vampyre releases in 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Christine Pugatschew
Christine came a little late to hardcore gaming, but games have been a part of her life since Ocarina of Time and the first Sonic the Hedgehog. She has a passion for all art forms yet undiscovered and writing about video games will always feed that fire. Favorite Games: Majora’s Mask, Bioshock, Journey, Myst, Dragon Age, Dishonored.

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