Naughty Shooter Gal Gun: Double Peace Hits #1 On Steam

Inti Creates’ risque rail shooter hits the bullseye following Steam launch

Gal Gun: Double Peace

Just one day after uholstering its love gun on Steam, developer Inti Creates’ naughty rail shooter Gal Gun: Double Peace has landed on the #1 on the Steam Top Sellers list. In response to the title’s breakaway success on the premier PC digital distribution platform, Publisher PQube marketing manager Geraint Evans said “It’s nice to see the PC master race finally understands the true power of moe!”


In Gal Gun: Double Peace, players assume the role of Hodai, an average high school boy who’se life turns upside down after he’s shot by a supercharged cupid’s arrow by the angel of love, Ekoro. After being struck, Hodai is now irresistible to any girl who crosses his path, and the only way to stop the endless onslaught of rampaging, hormonal schoolgirls is find his true love by sundown.

Before landing on Steam, Gal Gun: Double Peace spread its potent love potion on the PlayStation 4 and Vita when it released this past August. In our review, Mike summed up the shooter saying, “Gal Gun: Double Peace is a unique and engaging shooter that any any fan of the genre should appreciate, so long as you don’t mind loads of cheeky fan service. If your’e looking for a pervy experience with a nice amount of ingenuity, I’d not be doing my job if I didn’t recommend adding Gal Gun: Double Peace to your PS4 or Vita library.”

So, will you be picking up Gal Gun: Double Peace now that it’s on Steam? If so, swing by the game’s official Steam Page.




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