New Trailer For Road Rage Appeals to Road Rash Fans

Team 6 showcases new trailer with story, missions, and environments

Road Rage

Maximum Games just released a new trailer for their upcoming game Road Rage, developed by Team 6. The game will be available November 15, 2016 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The trailer explains story, missions, and open-world aspects of the game. Road Rage begins and ends with becoming the Club President of the local motorcycle gang. To do this, the player must engage in melee-based combat with members of this elite club. According to the trailer, the game content and outcome is based on the player’s decisions during the numerous missions. The locale is the fictional city of Ashen, and apt pun for asphalt, I imagine. Ashen is a huge sprawling city, in addition to a few other areas available that contribute to the open-world. The trailer showcases a few of these areas, including another city and an urban area.

The key element of this game is that everything is on motorcycles. From combat to cruising, you have it all on one badass motorcycle. The melee-based combat includes a variety of golf clubs and baseball bats. With these blunt but heavy objects, the player can knock other drivers from their seat. The rag-doll effect after hitting someone is amusing and potentially hilarious if done in quick succession.

Indeed, for those fans of Road Rash, this game will bring back fond memories. But keep in mind, Road Rage isn’t just about calling out fore and hitting fifty yards. The trailer is definitely implying heavy story elements, with 42 story-based missions and 50 side missions. The player takes on the role of Reef Jackson, a member of motorcycle club that controls the underground crime in Ashen. As you meet them, you can take on the role of other important characters, though Team 6 hasn’t made clear who they are yet.

If that sounds like a wild ride to you, Road Rage will be available for $39.99 USD on the aforementioned date. Those who pre-order will receive the “Smash and Slash Pack” of two exclusive characters and weapons. Will you be purchasing Road Rage? What do you think of this motorcycle bonanza?

Christine Pugatschew
Christine came a little late to hardcore gaming, but games have been a part of her life since Ocarina of Time and the first Sonic the Hedgehog. She has a passion for all art forms yet undiscovered and writing about video games will always feed that fire. Favorite Games: Majora’s Mask, Bioshock, Journey, Myst, Dragon Age, Dishonored.

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