Horizon: Zero Dawn Will ‘Delight’ Story Junkies

Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s developer Guerilla Games have said that story junkies will be “delighted” with the game.

horizon: zero dawn

For the last while, developer Guerilla Games have been holding back almost everything in regards to their upcoming game Horizon: Zero Dawn, aside from releasing the occasional trailer and some small snippet of information. According to reports, Guerilla Games have been holding back on the PlayStation 4 exclusive’s story because it wants players to enter the world with a drive to explore and find answers to its mysteries.

There will be a main storyline, as well as a number of extras for people who enjoying diving deep into a game’s story and lore; until now, that’s pretty much all we’ve been told. And while that still may be somewhat true, Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s lead writer John Gonzalez has opened up a little about the game, saying that “story junkies” will have something to look forward to. In his words:

“For people who are story junkies, for people who like to collect every audio log or text log out there, people who want to have a grand narrative to their game, I think they’re going to be really surprised and delighted by what we have prepared for them.”

Other than that, the main information we have on the game is about protagonist Aloy, with game director Mathijs de Jonge talking about her at E3, saying:

“She’s very curious and determined; she wants to explore the world; she wants to figure out these mysteries. And hopefully, we can give the player that same feeling. You want to know what’s out there, you want to discover these new machines; you want to meet new tribes.”

De Jonge has also recently said that Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s RPG elements won’t be very deep–and that was a design choice so as not to overwhelm or confuse players. As he said:

“What we wanted to avoid is complicated menus. We also didn’t want to go too deep with the RPG features we were developing. We wanted to have a certain level of accessibility and understandability for players. We also didn’t want to go too hardcore with stats, so at some point we just cut it off and said we weren’t going to go any further because it would confuse players.”

Horizon: Zero Dawn was originally expected to debut in 2016, but was delayed to February 28, 2017.

Luke is a Journalist and Digital Marketer based in Cork City, Ireland. He mainly concentrates on Video Games & Pop Culture.

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