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The Tokyo Game Show was rife with important news, including several choice tidbits about the upcoming Resident Evil 7. Capcom revealed that the demo for Resident Evil 7 (called “Beginning Hour”) will be recieving an all-new update that will allow players to explore even more of the demo’s eerie, derelict mansion. This new “Twilight” version will be available tomorrow, September 15th, and will be available for all PS4 users to download. This will surely be seized upon eagerly by the 3 million plus zombie-like hordes of players ravenously looking to get their hands on more Resi content.

Pre-orders for Resident Evil 7 are now available for both the standard and deluxe versions for the Playstation 4. Beforehand, the deluxe edition was available in North America for a hefty $79.99 – including the main game and a season pass for two extra diabolical story episodes when the game releases on January 24th. However, Capcom have confirmed today that the deluxe version has been “upgraded” to include yet another playable story episode to make an episodic trilogy. This upgraded Collector’s edition also has an equally upgraded price-tag of $89.99 starting tomorrow. However, the good news for early birds is that anyone who has already ordered the deluxe version will be automatically upgraded for free.

Also, pre-order customers will now recieve a Survival pack containing consumable healing items (some delicious multi-coloured herbs perhaps?), an early lock of the rabidly difficult Madhouse Mode, and a “Lucky Coin” in-game defense item (maybe these zombies take bribes?). Pre-orderers also get a fancy new theme for their PS4 if you want things to look particularly spooky when you log in!  Pre-orders for Microsoft and Steam digital releases will be available in the coming weeks. Us Europeans who want details about how we can pre-order Resident Evil 7 can visit the relevant Capcom social channels for more info!

Resident Evil 7: BIOHAZARD  comes out for the PlayStation 4 (including the VR mode), Xbox One and PC when it launches across Europe and North America on January 24, 2017. Check out the trailer below, which shows off some of Resident Evil 7’s much-anticipated combat. It also gives us a look at dinnertime with the warped Baker family. The Hills Have Eyes lot have got nothing on this barbaric brood!


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