Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis Preview

Radical Heroes Brings the Street Justice.


Radical Heroes


Looking back at my childhood, I was just a little too young  for many of the cartoons with the intent of selling merch. Your Masters of the Universes, Thundercats, what have you. I had Power Rangers, I guess, but my access to these worlds were through my cousins who were a few years older than me. They had the coolest action figures and Holiday visits to their house were magical thanks to their Nintendo Entertainment System. You’d have to pry me away from that thing. My game of choice was often Double Dragon III because that’s what they had. If you’re impressional please just stick to the first two Double Dragon Games. III sucks. I digress. Mad Unicorn and Apogee understand how you feel. Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis assaults every nostalgic bone in your body with a beat ’em up I managed to smash through in no time. Even the Apogee logo at the beginning brought me backThis isn’t exactly Commander Keen as the game manages to land somewhere between Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, Street Fighter II, and the entire Death Wish series starring Charles Bronson. A beat ’em up with nothing to prove except punch stuff. From what I gathered, you’re a cop who doesn’t have to dress like all the other cops and there are punks taking over the streets. Punch them back to the gutter where they belong.


Radical Heroes


The mechanics were simple to pick up. You can jump, move around, punch, kick, block, and there’s even a super punch combo to bust out if you get overwhelmed. You can boost your stats by gaining experience with every punch you land as well as upgrades to buy with money that falls out of punched people. Punch. In the short preview there managed to be a ton of different melee weapons to collect from the classic hammers and bats to my personal favorite: the inflatable sword. I was kicking punk ass throwing a hammer around but as soon as I busted that inflatable sword out they had another thing coming. There are plenty of ground foods to pick from. You’ve got your classic apples or rotisserie chickens for health. You’ve even got some new health items like corn dogs to collect.




The graphics are a blend of 2D sprites and models rendered on a 3D plane, but there’s enough style to the design to give Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis its own identity in a sea of references. The backgrounds and buildings were wild and colorful riddled with over-the-top sea creatures and many other things you can imagine punching. There will be over 40 characters and six huge environments to play as with whatever style of evil-dude-smashing you need to take care of.


Radical Heroes


Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis is a sensory overload . Developers Mad Unicorn Studios hey just launched a Kickstarter which you can check out here. Developers Mad Unicorn have also released an Alpha demo available here. Looking forward to what Radical Heroes sends our way in the upcoming months of development. At the very least, I can thank it for transferring me back to a time where my older cousins had better video games and action figures than I did. And punching.

Alex loves all sorts of gaming from the tabletop to tv screen. When he isn't playing games he helps produce content for a little software company. He currently resides in Chicago, IL with his girlfriend and two dogs.

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