Five Times Konami Screwed Up Their Own Franchises

5. Castlevania Judgment (Wii)


Hey, Konami, want to explain why the first ‘e’ in Judgement’s missing?

Honestly, the idea of a Castlevania crossover fighting game doesn’t sound like a bad one. Who wouldn’t want to see all these different characters from across the series’ timeline duking it out? Konami could’ve been onto a winner, so naturally they screwed it up.

Probably their first problem was making it for the Wii. Don’t get me wrong, I frigging love the Wii but the Nunchuck-Wii Remote control scheme doesn’t exactly suit a fighting game. No one has ever played Street Fighter and said “Man I wish I could fire Hadoukens by waving my controller around like I was trying to swat a fly.” Even the producer, Koji Igarashi, found problems with the control scheme – “It’s difficult to do those sorts of precise movements when you’re waving something around.”

While some were kinder to it, others slammed the game for its unbalanced characters, terrible camera and for just not being fun to play. It’s not surprising that the game bombed pretty hard in Japan, only selling 3,700 units. Thank God we’ve got that not-Castlevania game, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, to look forward to.

I suppose the point I’m trying to make here is that we really shouldn’t be surprised with Konami’s decision with Metal Gear Survive. It does come across like they’re deliberately trying to incite anger in the fan-base; like they’re actively trying to kill their franchises for some reason. Maybe the game will actually be good, maybe we’re being unnecessarily harsh and should reserve judgement, but if the last 15+ years have taught us anything, we have good reason to be so skeptical.


Hailing from not-so-jolly old England, Michael is a Freelance Writer that spends most of his days writing, playing video games or writing about the video games he’s playing. That, or moaning about stuff on Twitter. He graduated from Brunel University, having studied Creative Writing & Computer Games Design. His gaming interests have become broader in recent years, but his heart will always belong to Nintendo. He’s also a self-admitted defender of the PlayStation Vita and a Sonic the Hedgehog apologist.

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