Top 5 Wrestling Games Of All Time

WWF Royal Rumble


I loved the Royal Rumble as a kid, in fact I still do. To those unfamiliar, the Royal Rumble is a yearly event in the WWE. This match pits 30 participants against one another. Two begin the contest and then every few minutes another brawler enters. The only way to win is to throw an opponent over the top rope, with both feet touching the floor. Damn, I love the rumble.

I still remember my first time seeing the cover for WWF Royal Rumble, “They made a Royal Rumble game?” I said aloud, with more excitement than a little kid should have upon seeing a cardboard box. The game boasts a variety of match types, including one-on-one, tag team, a triple tag team, and, of course, the Royal Rumble itself. The other three matches are nothing special, one highlight is the fact you can use a steel chair to clobber your adversary, but nothing overly exceptional is seen here. However, The rumble match is a different story. After beating up a foe for a short length of time, you have to grapple said foe and rapidly tap the face buttons until he is flung from the screen and out of the ring.

royel rumble gameplay

If you think this sounds a little boring, just wait. After more and more wrestlers enter the ring, the screen turns into a frenzied mess. This is thanks to Royal Rumble allowing up to six characters to be on screen at once, an amazing feat for the early 90s. Fists flying from the left, feet incoming from the right, and little space to dodge either. Royal Rumble is a whirlwind of action. It’s super fun and highly memorable. The ability to showcase such mayhem all the way back on the Super Nintendo is what puts this on our list.


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