Top 25 Vita Games (#15-11)

#11- Hotline Miami


This game was (and probably still is) one of the most horrifically graphically violent games that I have ever played.

And it’s awesome.

Hotline Miami is a level-based top-down shoot-em-up that winds up being a puzzler more than anything. Every level features rooms full of goons that you have to take out, and so each level presents a new challenge. Do I run in guns blazing and hope for the best? Or should I choose to pick up the throwing knife and take out the guard silently? Compounded with a choice of mask that gives you special abilities, Hotline Miami is simply addicting to play. And I haven’t even mentioned the story; The story of Hotline Miami is going to be one where you have to look up reddit posts and youtube videos to feel as though you understand it completely- and it will be utterly satisfying once you do. The sequel is really great as well, by the way. I really can’t recommend Hotline Miami enough.

And thus ends Part 3 of the top 25 Vita games! Thanks for reading, and be sure to pay attention to the site for the upcoming parts. To read the next part, click here.

Caleb has been playing games since he was born... in the middle of the PlayStation 1 Era. Despite his young age, he enjoys all sorts of games from all sorts of eras, but he does prefer the PlayStation brand over everything else. Eager to talk about games to anyone and everyone who will listen, Caleb is excited to be a part of the HPP team! You can find him on twitter @caleb4tribe. Favorite games include: Persona 4 Golden, The Last of Us, BioShock Infinite, Portal 2, and Metal Gear Solid 3.

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