Telltale’s Batman Gets Release Date and Trailer

Telltale’s Batman Gets Release Date and Trailer


Telltale's Batman Cover


Hello bat-fans! Are you bat-cited for another amazing bat-venture? If so, I hope you’re in the mood for crippling depression and non-stopped weeping. I say that because Telltale’s Batman is coming, and it’s following the same design as their other choice-driven games. If this one is anything like their previous officially licensed games, then we’re in for some massive heartbreak. I would know, I still have tears streaking down my cheek for Clementine. But ready or not, it’s about to smash its way onto our PCs and consoles on August 2. And to commemorate the release date, a full trailer has been released on YouTube.


I can already feel myself tearing up.


The grim and helpless tone of Gotham City is a perfect setting for Telltale’s style. Their past feats include bringing unrelenting tears to both Walking Dead and Game of Thrones fans. The trailer is chock full of characters from Catwoman to Vicki Vale. As per formula, the game seems interspersed with action and dialog sequences. I’m willing to bet, of course, that the game’s bread and butter is on choice. We, as the caped crusader, will be in charge of Batman and Bruce’s psychologically devastating choices. And, I imagine, we’ll also be forced to live with the consequences. In the meantime, keep that hair short, catch a ride and iron from ice.

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