Pokémon Sun & Moon – Even More New Pokémon

Are these new creatures set to be fan favourites or are they just a bunch of DeviantArt rejects?


Pokémon Sun and Moon


While everybody might be caught up in the hype of Pokémon GO at the moment (and rightly so), it seems people have almost forgotten that there’s two more games coming out at the end of the year – the next big entries in the main series, Pokémon Sun & Moon. In fact, as if they’re aware of it as well, the good people at Nintendo and Game Freak have officially revealed a few new crazy critters for us to catch once we arrive in the Alola region. Just what are they, though, and how do they hold up in terms of first impressions?


Pokémon Sun & Moon

Wimpod already looks set to an annoying little bugger to catch, much in the similar vein as Abra from the original games. See, in case you couldn’t already tell by the name, Wimpod is a cowardly Bug/Water type that has an ability that allows it to automatically flee from battle when it loses over half of its health. Those who wish to capture one are going to have to approach it carefully.

As of now, Wimpod honestly doesn’t have much going for it. It’s a bit cute and its ability could be useful in battle (assuming that it’ll swap itself for another one of your Pokémon) but Bug/Water isn’t a particularly interesting typing. Maybe if it has a cool evolution of sorts that might win itself some points and make it a viable team member.


Pokémon Sun & Moon

One of the recurring Pokémon trends, alongside “bird” and “not Pikachu,” is “generic, cute Grass-type.” Gen 1 had Oddish, Gen 2 had Hoppip; here, we have Bounsweet. There doesn’t seem to be anything particularly special about it. It’s just your average unassuming Grass type that’ll probably do well at the beginning of your journey but soon swiftly forgotten once you find better ones.

Some’ll probably be drawn to its cuteness, and I’m sure it’s bound to have at least one evolution, but it feels very much like PokéDex filler at this point.


Pokémon Sun & Moon

You’ve got to love how Game Freak comes up with some of their Pokémon ideas. They literally take a pre-existing object and just give it eyes or something. In this case, it’s a flower crown with a face on it. That’s… kind of it. Oh, and much like Gen 6’s Flabébé, it’s a Fairy type that looks more like a Grass type. Again, not exactly interesting. And unlike Bounsweet, it doesn’t look like it’ll get an evolution of any kind (though that’s just an assumption so I could be wrong).

Its design isn’t even all that ridiculous, as opposed to something like Klefki which was so dumb that it somehow managed to be good. Even the name is a bit “meh.” It’s just kind of bland. Though it does get an ability called Triage which gives priority for restorative moves so maybe it’ll become an unsung hero for Double Battles.


Pokémon Sun & Moon

Okay, now we’re onto the good stuff. I’ll admit, my gut reaction to this new Pokémon was to think it was really ugly, but after looking at it for more than a second, it quickly grew on me. It’s got a sturdy feel to it which is perfectly complimented by its Ground typing. It’s the perfect mix of powerful and defensive. And since we’ll be able to ride certain Pokémon around the region like Stoutland and Sharpedo, it’ll be a bit of a missed opportunity if we can’t dash across the land on this mighty stallion.

It also gets a new ability called Stamina that honestly sounds a bit broken, as it raises Mudsdale’s defense every time it gets attacked. Sounds perfect for completely wiping out a small child’s team.


Pokémon Sun & Moon


Every new Pokémon game always gives us a “not Pikachu” – a Pokémon that, while may not be related to Pikachu, is clearly meant to embody the same traits as a Pikachu. They’re small, fluffy, adorable and Electric types. So imagine the surprise of fans everywhere when this thing got leaked about a month ago. It’s an actual fake Pikachu – a Ghost/Fairy type that just wants to be loved, so it disguises itself as Pikachu. It somehow manages to be both kind of frightening and weirdly cute in its own way.

What’s so great about it, though, is how quickly the fans have taken to it. I think it’s been getting just as much fan-art as the starters. It’s managed to get the love it’s so desperately craved for, and not just because we all think it’s a Pikachu. We love it for what it actually is. That’s… weirdly beautiful if you think about it. Excuse me while I go cry for a bit. …. Such a little trooper.


Pokémon Sun & Moon

The other Pokémon that got leaked alongside Mimikyu is this hulking beast of adorableness. Bewear certainly has the cute factor and has a pretty unique typing of Normal/Fighting but I didn’t think much of it until the recent trailer which revealed that this thing is surprisingly huge. Seriously, the thing’s massive; it’s just as big as a Pangoro.

It’s PokéDex entry even states that people are actively afraid of this thing because it’s so strong, it’s capable of snapping anything in two. Oh, and it loves to give people hugs. What an oddly terrifying combination. It’ll also come with a new ability called Fluffy that halves damage taken from physical attacks but makes it super weak to Fire attacks. Seems like Game Freak are trying to introduce some strange, new strategies to the series.

Overall, while half of these new Pokémon aren’t anything special, the other half more than make up for it. Hopefully, there’s still plenty of cool, unique and just plain bizarre Pokémon we can look forward to seeing in the future. Remember, Pokémon Sun & Moon will be released on the 3DS worldwide on November 18th and then in Europe on November 23rd.


Hailing from not-so-jolly old England, Michael is a Freelance Writer that spends most of his days writing, playing video games or writing about the video games he’s playing. That, or moaning about stuff on Twitter. He graduated from Brunel University, having studied Creative Writing & Computer Games Design. His gaming interests have become broader in recent years, but his heart will always belong to Nintendo. He’s also a self-admitted defender of the PlayStation Vita and a Sonic the Hedgehog apologist.

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